Victoria Stafford Update

Many of you will remember the sad case of Victoria Stafford, the eight year old child who was abducted from in front of her school on April 8, 2009 and allegedly murdered by two local citizens likely that same day. I wrote about it here if you missed it.

Today, it is being reported that the remains of a child have been found in the large area that is being searched for her body. They haven't confirmed it completely but say it most likely is her.

Although it's not the ending most of us had wanted, I hope it is her. If there is not hope then her parents at least deserve the peace of mind of knowing what happened to her and having her back near them. I want that family to have the peace they deserve and I also hope finding the body makes it easier to convict the people arrested in the homicide.

I hope sweet Victoria, you can finally rest in peace and your family can have their questions answered once and for all as to what happened to you.

Then pen is still
the heart is broken
words insufficient
remain unspoken

What can we say
to our worse fears
a mother's grief
a father's tears

A brother who
alone must grow
a sister lost
he'll miss her so

Rest quiet now
sweet little child
the pen is stilled
for a little while...

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it's heart breaking to realize how cruelty can come upon the innocents.

our prayers goes to Victoria's family that they may find comfort in this very difficult time...
Cam said…
A prayer for her family...
Daria said…
It's hard to comprehend that this happens to children ...
April said…
So sad..wrote a poem after I read this.

Prayers for peace...