A Simple Mystery

My daughter, Sophia Chaffey on Change Islands, Newfoundland, photo credit Elizabeth Chaffey

I glance into the sky and the most perfect picture appears. The sky is as blue and crisp as it has ever been, the white clouds of mist appear to have been placed just so for my viewing pleasure and the sun colours the sky with red crayola magic as it settles in for another night of rest. At this moment I cannot turn away. No imposed meditation, no amount of wanting gives me a moment such as this, it comes, at random times, when I'm not expecting it.

It is in these moments of divine perfection that I feel the happiest and most content. I feel my heart almost burst with the joy that bubbles within. It almost overwhelms me to know that all of that is my mystery, that I get to be here, me, on this great big earth, blessed with the time and ability to explore as much of it as I want to.

When I lament the fact that I haven't travelled much, haven't experienced much of other countries and cultures, I think to those moments of perfect clarity and know that it cannot all be done by one person but it's all there to be done by everybody! That the most I can at this time is welcome the world into my little space, invite the universe to send me what I need if I am unable to go there right now. And invariably it does.

The summer months are languid and lazy. I read more and write less. I live more and dream less and I feel more real and alive and less dependent upon my imagination for diversity.

But, it is in the midst of both realities, the one that goes out and explores and the one that stays in and welcomes that I receive the best gifts and I believe it's because of the balance I've created that I see the world clearly sometimes and am gifted with this rare glimpse of perfect moments of creation.

There is a poll on face book now that asks "Creation or Evolution" and my answer is "whatever". Does it even matter? I know it doesn't matter. I look out into infinite heavens and see that no question matters, no answer matters, it is absolutely perfect. It is awe-inspiring that we are here at all, that we humans are born, live, create, build, destroy and die at all. The miracle is not in how we came to be here but that we ARE here. The mystery unfolds to us in it's perfect time but for now it's what we do with our time that makes our lives hold worth.

Yesterday I read a status of a second cousin on Face Book that said "just really enjoys the act of living" and that, there is really all you need to know and all you need to do. The most complex things, the most studied things often have the simplest answers, we spend years studying life only to learn something we've always known.

It's the great paradox that repeats itself time and again, in the lessons of life and nature and spirit. Everything old is new and all that is new is ancient. There is one truth sent in a billion ways and accepted by a billion hearts, each with its own perspective and individual reality. But the great mystery only holds one simple truth. Life is a gift, it's precious and pure and special and should not be squandered. Live it well and the best way to do that is to simply enjoy the act of living.


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Chrisy said…
Thank you dear girl for the gift of this post...you echo my sentiments exactly...i don't think you have to travel a lot to have the spirit of a well travelled person...it's all within...
Debbie said…
love the post and adore the picture! As for the face book status..could not agree more!!!
Anonymous said…
Breeze, this post really speaks to me. So much of what I am thinking and feeling right now, you expressed so eloquently! The kind of days that you described truly do bring a sense of calm serenity - a feeling of being at peace. I am happy to read that you are experiencing the same things I am right now. Some weird karma out there, my lovely friend Breeze!
Unknown said…
certainly somethings to think about in there breeze- and the photo is just beautiful......
Wendy said…
Lovely, lovely. Great picture and great sentiment!