No Ordinary Moments

I was walking and listening a podcast and heard this yesterday and it struck me as a wonderful truth.

I spend a lot of time thinking and considering and meditating and wondering. Occasionally I have flashes of pure light and knowing, moments of divine perfection where I feel in complete awe of the miracle that is life and creation.

But generally I walk along completely wrapped up in ordinary things, housework, kids, friends, playgroups, cooking, facebook, all the regular things we all do. This is what most of my life looks like and I go along, just living it.

But whether I am completely blissed out at the miracle of life or completely immersed in cleaning the car the backdrop to life is always the same and it's always extraordinary. While I'm vacuuming dried french fries from the carseat(those my dog managed to miss) this amazing universe floats around me and keeps life and nourishes life and is filled with the miracle of spiritual essence and energy.

Last night I went to the bar with my rowing team. One beer, battered mushrooms and the company of some very funny and fun friends. Stories flowed as they traded the fifty-cent wings and commented on pickles, olives and green beans in the caesars! It was nice to just be in the company of regular folks in the neighbourhood pub and not thinking beyond that moment.

Later when I got home I realised that I hadn't been inside a bar for a long time. Many people might consider that a good thing but I think I've miss it. I watched a young boy, maybe 8 years old learning to play pool from his father. I so want to play pool again, I used to play a lot in my younger days. These seemingly ordinary moments satisfied a very human need in me, to be with people, to be a part of a team and to just hang in the moment and have fun! And that made them no longer ordinary!

There are no ordinary moments. If you live and enjoy the moment you are in to its fullest enjoyment you are living an extraordinary life, a significant life. There is no reason to seek and strive and search. Exactly where you are right this moment is exactly where you are supposed to be. As the landscape of your days change and evolve with your growth and maturity remember that there are no wasted moments. All are precious and all are valuable, even those spent whiling time away in a bar with friends, maybe perhaps, especially those!

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April said…
Yes, the power of "now". Lovely. Sounds like a great time. I wish I were able to join you at a pub for a beer or two!
Chuck Dilmore said…
too true!
awesome observations!

simple life...
to be enjoyed
with both hands, gusto!

david mcmahon said…
Perfect depiction of priorities.
Sylvia said…
Very well. Inspiration comes from little things... And little children!