Mirror Mirror on the Wall

She traced them with her finger tips
fine lines of time and strife
tracked along her soft tanned face
that spoke of love and life

Memories etched in gentle canvas
set with the sheen of diversion
the face of intimate familiarity
reflects a life of full immersion

The mirror writes no fiction
it tells no soothing lies
it caresses those who care for truth
and accept the words it sighs

But a deeper authentic her is hid
her reflection holds an error
the self can only be seen by looking
into the spirit's magic mirror

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April said…
You are beautiful on the inside and out! I think we all wish our outward appearance would remain as youthful as our spirit feels, don't we?
Just Be Real said…
Great post Breeze. Thanks for sharing.
Sylvia said…
The images don't matter. What matters is what lies in the depth of your eyes.When I was a teacher, my pupils always said : "Why do you try to look angry? Your eyes are always laughing." That's where beauty lives, Breeze. In your eyes!
beautiful.it gives me more reasons now why i wouldn't mind getting lines and refuse "science" meddling with aging!
Wendy said…
Gorgeous poem, Breeze.
Anonymous said…
wow, this is a beautiful, uplifting write. thanks for sharing