Learning to Fall

I remember watching some very young kids learning gymnastics. The very first lesson these kids were taking as part of a very expensive program was landing safely. It almost seemed a bit ridiculous to pay that much money to watch three year olds toss themselves on the floor but it is a very important lesson!

Tomorrow I have the orientation at the television station as I posted about here. Then next week I have three days of workshops to train me on reporting, shooting, editing, the basic knowledge we'll require to get started. I remember in the past being very nervous at the start of a new adventure like this but I'm surprising calm.

And I think it's because I've learned how to land! It's not that I don't think I will screw this up. It's because I'm utterly prepared to screw this up. I'm pretty sure I'm going to make mistakes, some small, some big, some stupid, some over again after I've learned, and this from someone who generally learns easily and quickly.

Time and experience have taught me that there is no such thing as success or failure. These are subjective measurements that are weighed differently by different people. For me there are only results. I'll do the best I can to learn what they want me to learn, bring to the show what they need brought and whatever the end result I'll be satisfied.

As an added bonus, I signed a contract yesterday to write two articles per month for Attachment Parenting Internation Blog, I'm very excited about that and my first article is in the works and I've got a working list of other possible parenting article ideas that I'll reach for when everyday life doesn't present me with something as it often does.

So practice tossing yourself on the floor more, practice landing softly and unbroken, growth comes from mistakes and as you learn to land better you'll feel more and more confident on the bar.

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Jinksy said…
Here's wishing you soft landings. :)
April said…
Words of wisdom, yet again :) It is so true. I believe I have gotten much better at falling, and getting back up. I can't wait to hear more as your adventure in news reporting unfolds. That's great too, about the parenting articles.
Shadow said…
mmm, learning to fall IS very important. as is learning to get up each time you do... good luck for the next few weeks, i'm sure you're gonna love it!
Chuck Dilmore said…
beautiful things are coming to you... it's for a reason. wow! nice, nice going!

thanks for keeping us posted!

Daria said…
Good post ... all the best with your new ventures.