Zombie-like the coffee drips and slurps
it's aroma wafting from a favourite cup
two am, three am, four am, five
Admit defeat and finally give up

Exhausted yawns that yield no restful sleep
bone-tired body that refused to rest
noisy beeps, disturbing sounds of night
patience once again put to the test

No real reason, many many reasons
sleep avoids like an embarrassed friend
fatigue trips gaily down your eyes
and teases them with thoughts of daytime's end

midnight desperate forages for comfort
nothing sooths the beast outside the door
interrupting days and nights alike
leaving crumpled pages on the floor

Deprivation of the vital essence
we hopelessly pray our souls to keep
as we try again in vain at midnight
dreading never lay me down again to sleep.

Written at 5am by a tired blogger...yawn.

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April said…
I was laying in bed wide awake when you were writing this. Insomnia here for me too! I still haven't slept a wink and its 7:30am. Coffee time...the kids will be up anytime. I think they'll be watching a movie or two today...don't know how else I'll get through the day.
Shadow said…
ouch! insomnia! ooooooh, to prowl the silent and dark corridors of one's house. fun only if one chooses to...
Sara Diana said…
Insomnia is dreadful!
Anonymous said…
That's really good. We always tend to panic if we don't get to sleep, as though we know we'll be totally exhausted come morning!

CJ xx
Daria said…
Ah I feel for you ... sleep is so important ... lets hope tonight is better.
Aye, I thought as I read it it was about a tired blogger - like me at the moment about to go to bed but rivetted to the blogging screen like an addicted blogger.
Bloogy bog-eyed Eddie x
April said…
Insomnia can be a good thing for a writer, if there are plenty of restful days in between. I tend to write a lot of great stuff when I am not able to sleep. Sometimes its the reason I'm not able to :). Finally, my kiddies are sleeping, and I'll be drifting off to la la land in just a few minutes. Surprisingly productive day...I even took the kids to the pool and managed to NOT fall asleep when I lay down to tan.
Unknown said…
Lovely metaphors my dear...lovely.

many's the nights..

stop worrying about the book and let it ride..........
Cam said…
I am laughing because I just yawned. I didn't sleep so well last night myself...

Maybe we both will get some good zzz's tonight!
Debbie said…
I hate nights like that!! BUT worse are the nights you can sleep but a little one in your home cannot!!!:)