Happy Birthday Sophia!

My perfectly beautiful Sophia is 6 years old today! If I were to describe her to you, likely you would think I was a boastful mother. Well I am. I am so proud of this girl. She has always been wise beyond her years, her name means wisdom and it suits so well.

She has a delightful personality, she speaks like a little adult with perfect pronounciation and has a vocabulary that would put a lot of adults to shame.

She is reading at a third grade level right now, and will go into first grade in the fall. She also is highly mathematical and ahead in all areas in math as well.

She loves books and reads voraciously, she now reads to her little sister more than I do.

But all of that aside, she's one of the most considerate and thoughtful and compassionate people I know, adult or child. She developed empathy long before the books said she was supposed to and it makes her a wonderful person to be around.

Her attention span, even as a young baby was incredible. She would read her story books at 6 months old for hours, turning pages and studying. Sound farfeched? I have the videos to prove it.

And she's also very beautiful!

So someday, if you meet her, you will know, what I mean. If you have met her, well, back me up would ya? Meanwhile, she's a delightful, happy, excited, perfectly six, 6 year old! Special, sweet and a treasure too precious for words.

Happy Birthday Baby!

Eyes of hazel filled with sunshine
an old soul full of the new
a gift so precious, so treasured, so loved
perfectly beautiful you!

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Sarah Sullivan said…
Happy Birthday Sophia!!! What a sweet face she has - darling!! Have a great birthday honey!! Sarah
Mary said…

Happy Birthday to Sophia. She is adorbable. I can certainly see why you are so proud of her.

Sylvia said…
Happy birthday, little Beauty!
I like very much this name; it means wisdom.
Wendy said…
No words can describe how your heart feels when you take a moment to reflect on the special little people in our lives but you have done an exceptional job and sharing your feelings in this post. I believe every word you say is true and know how much you will treasure her and allow her to develop her potential as she grows each day. Birthday blessings to Sophia - and to you!
nollyposh said…
Oh she's a cutie alright X:-)
HaPPy BirTHdaY Sophia x
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Ms Sophia! Not only are you intelligent and kind, you are totally gorgeous! And you have a lovely sense of humor - I can tell that from the second photo! Have a wonderful, fun filled day!
Shadow said…
happy birthday sophia!!! and enjoy the day with her!
Sara Diana said…
she is beautiful, Happy birthday!

I skipped past the attribute of speech, reading etc because my boys have/had speech and language problems and the younget autism and difficulties with reading/writing/communication.

However, the personality side, I homed in on and I think she must be amazing.
Anonymous said…
oh, I am late, but happy belated birthday, Sophie!!! I hope you had a great day.
SimplyBillie said…
Happy Birthday Sophia! I hope it was an amazing one!