Empathy's Purpose

Observe this droplet on my finger tips
wiped from eyes of saddest blue
pain filled pools of saline water
reflective of a disappointed you

Dampened cheeks, I will my heart
to pull the pain you hold so deep
into the heart that grieves for you
and happily your tears I'll keep

I feel you tremble as I hold you
weeping low like willow branches
mourning for the loss of dreams and
the failure of your second chances

Gentle tears that cleansed and ceased
disperse in time, your sobs abate
I hold the pain transfused to mine
and arrest the birth of futile hate.

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Anonymous said…
What a wonderful poem on empathy. I want share this with others, particularly the occassional people we meet who are empathy challenged. This was beautifully written - very heartfelt. Thank you Breeze.
Thank you Audrey. I like "empathy challenged" and I think it's a big part of the problem in the world, the inability to put yourself in others places particularly if they don't look like you.

April said…
So beautiful Breeze. I have always been "sensitive" and as a child that was difficult. I realized as I got older it wasn't really a bad thing, and that its because I am very empathic. I can feel other's feelings quite well. As can you, that's apparent in all you write.
Jinksy said…
Eek! If I find anybody crying, I can't stop myself joining in - sad but true, I'm sorry to say, despite my great age!
Unknown said…
wordsmith alert!! wordsmith alert!!
Sylvia said…
There was a film that I didn't like at all (I don't even remember the name) but in which a character came with the most brilliant sentence "Hell is seeing your dreams die". When you talk about "loss of dreams" or "of second chances" I remember that. Well, my friend, please say "Lets raise our heads and try the third? Big smile.