Busy Busy, Good Busy!

Don't stop by and visit. Don't come to my house. That is, if you are the type of person who judges people on how clean and tidy their house is, don't come. Because mine isn't. Ok..well none of you are like that so you guys can come by anytime. I have tea and wine and beer and I'm willing to use it! And the bathroom and kitchen are clean..that's all that matters right?

When my husband and I first started dating I told him that I wasn't particularly domestic(except for my apple pies) and didn't place it high on my list of life goals. I thought it would be a very sad thing if my eulogy even remotely mentioned my housekeeping skills as I thought that would be a sad reflection of living my life wrong. After the last couple of weeks, I'm pretty sure it won't come up! I like a clean house but I don't like cleaning a house. It's a dilemma.

It has been suddenly crazy busy with more and more on the calendar all the time. I have somewhere to go, something to do every single day and often multiple appointments. It's been a bit hectic but it's been good. The things I've had to do are things I love to do, Dragon boat races, meetings, appointments about television news shows, all good things!

And I've been seriously neglecting my writing but sometimes you have to live or there isn't anything to write about! And there has been a lot of living going on. The most exciting thing is the reporter training. Next Thursday I start that and I'm very excited about it. I'll keep everybody updated on how that goes.

Yesterday I met with two wonderful women to discuss my personal growth initiative for women that I'm trying to start in Stratford. If you aren't familiar with it you will find it on my other blog here and I think it really helped me formulate how I want this to look and be for the women of the community. But even better I got to talk with two delightful and intelligent women with whom I have a lot in common, and one is even shares my first name!

Today is an easier day. The only thing I have on my calendar is getting my dog groomed and later, soccer for the kids. So maybe I'll catch up on the pile of laundry that is sitting upstairs requiring attention. But if the sun is shining I may not. Tea, beer and wine in the backyard sounds good!

Last night we drove in for fireworks in Stratford. It was quite nice. I picked up my older daughter along the way and her boyfriend of course. It was kind of nice having all four of my daughters with me on a beautiful warm Ontario evening. When you know that a few kilometres down the road a woman is mourning her lost child it's easy to have perspective and gratitude for the simple act of being with your healthy and happy children. I wish my husband could have been there but he had to go to work yesterday. I miss him.

So this is mostly an update post. The poetry book is simply waiting for its time. The novel needs some attention but it'll come. My non-fiction book should be finished and ready for editing by the end of September(finally) and the television show will be launched September 9th.

Lots of things sort of hanging and I just sit her observing and being thankful for the gifts as they come.


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Sylvia said…
How I understand you! My house is always a mess; I tidy up and ten minutes after I'm already jumping in between little bright spots of clear floor, because everything else is full of toys (the girls spread everything around). Last time I found a river of pebbles under the girls' beds, that they brought in from the backyard.I love it though - there is a sense of joy in a messy place. A Home without a little bit of mess is a museum. That's all.Somebody said that the expression of an artist is in his mess. Oh, I'm being pollitically incorrect. Big smile.
Anonymous said…
Breeze, this is all so wonderful! Who cares about the housework - you are so right - is that what you want to be remember for? Things you have been dreaming of are becoming reality for you, and that is MUCH more important than housework. Enjoy life - it is way too short.

So good to read this update. I love when good things happen to good people.
wow, that's certainly too much!!! ... too much of many good things! ^^ I'm happy and excited for the things you accomplish despite your domesticated dilemmas(haha) you are gifted in many other ways! I really wouldn't mind having that "flaw" if I was an inspiring poet.