Wheels of Gold

It's hard to believe you are gone my friend. I remember you as carefree and loving and so much fun! People who know you now say you didn't change. You'll be missed by your family and friends.

Wheels of Gold

Bigger than life you lived it your way
faster and further you siezed each new day
on your own terms you carried on through
with a glint in your eye we intimately knew

The smile of a demon, but an angel at heart
that grin you gave freely was free from the start
life was much better when you were around
though we couldn't keep up you were faster than sound

You inspired our minds and heightened our senses
disharmed us with your smile and tore down our defences
you were bigger and braver than any you'll find
unique and special, simply one of a kind

Now you've roared into heaven on wheels of pure gold
they're laughing with joy at your devilish soul
Gabriel and Michael better stand down
An angel named Edward just rode into town!

In memory of Edward Coles killed in a tragic motorcycle accident last week.

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Reaching out to you, Brezza (Italian for breeze). This was quite touching.

Lola xx
nollyposh said…
(((Hugs))) Beautiful tribute xox
Renee said…
Beeze I am so sorry to hear of your loss. This is a really beautiful tribute.

Renee xoxox
Anonymous said…
RIP Edward! Hugs to you Breeze!