What's in the Cards for Me?

In the spirit of trying something new I had a Tarot reading a few days ago. What an interesting experience. I asked about career, job, future ways to earn money etc. as was requested of the reader. She spread the cards in a Celtic cross and a total of ten cards were pulled. The results were fascinating and I thought I would share them here and get your thoughts on the reading. This reading was done via instant message.

When she asked how many times she should shuffle the cards I answered 7.

then I told her my question, career, work, ways to earn money, What should I do in that area?

First card is the present position - how things are right now. The card is the Page of Cups. Cups are a sign of water - - flowing movement. This cup
also means there is something you need to learn and you should take some time to meditate or reflect on this.

Second card is the immediate influences - this would be the influences of those around you and you yourself. Your card is the Strength card - a major arcana with a great deal of meaning. Strength has the infinity symbol over her head. She is petting a lion and the lion is in a submissive pose Just a lion, more a symbol than anything. This card is a symbol of confidence and power. Which leads me to believe that those around you see you as strong and energetic. This could be why you're getting pressure people expect great things for you and want to see you moving toward goals. This card could also be how you're feeling. Making money does not mean 9 to 5 and I think you're well aware of that.

Third card is the goal and destiny card. It will show what can be accomplished. Sometimes this card is hard to read right away. You got the Fool another major arcana. In modern day times we think of a fool as foolish. It does not mean this at all. It means youthful, striving for new knowledge, learning, growing. On the card the fool is appears to be walking off a cliff, but we don't know what's below him. It could just be that he will stumble, not fall.
He also caries a small bag it is all his belongings - he travels light.
The background is sunny and calm. The fool looks up and not straight ahead. So you may want to remember at times to ground yourself and look at all angles. try to look before you leap, but continue to explore new grounds. Yes, there are cautions in the fool, but also joys

Fourth card
is distant past - could be up to 2 years ago. This card can be dark, but remember it's the past. Your distant past card is the X of cups.
Cups are also relationship cards, this is a good card, it shows that your relationships are strong. Your love is strong too. It also shows happiness in community and relationships. So your past looks good.

Fifth card
is recent past, usually the last 6 months or so. It can also show what is happening now or about to come into being. Another cups! You are the relationship girl today! Knight of cups. The knight is riding a horse and he is approaching a small creek. The water is calm, but it shows a journey . The journey was peaceful and much was learned, but you have not gone through it all yet. Keep going on paths that feel right to you

Sixth card is the future influence. This card shows environmental, emotional and personal influences it could be. Another Major Arcana - This is an interesting card here. It shows that there is honor in your ultimate goal.
There are naked people with their arms raised to an angle in this card
This shows freedom and security but the angle is here in a position of judgement. just do what needs to be done and go forward. You will have to learn patience, but your efforts will pay off.

Seventh card
the questioner card - denotes your attitude toward the current situation. Usually the card meaning is weakened some Hmmm, have you been considering having another baby? Or someone around you? Ok, this card does show maternity. I'm wondering if your path may be leading you toward other mothers or if you're going to be a maternal presence. It also shows some balance issues. So you will want to narrow things down so that you don't lose balance

Card 8
is the environmental factors - how the universe is set up to handle your family and job situation. It is the page of Swords. Swords symbolize air
This card totally makes sense It shows that you have a tendency to take on many goals and sometimes change your course and this card is reverse too by the way.
but it also shows that as long as you are very clear on your goals, you can continue to work toward them. If Friends become too demanding, you may need to learn to say 'no' a little louder.

Ninth card is your inner emotion card - your fears, your hopes, your dreams. King of swords Yes, you must be an air and water girl.
This card is interesting and a bit harder to read in this position. It shows power and creativity which leads me to believe that you're feeling empowered with your writing. I don't see a lot of fears right now but I sense some in you.
it's unusual not to have any fears. but maybe that fool is at play?
So health - emotional and physical may be. Not much in health cards for you, but your creative side is VERY strong now and may be overpowering things.

Tenth card - last one! is the final result - it shows the likelihood of things to come. Another major arcana!
and a SUPER powerful card - the High Priestess. The high priestess is sitting on a throne with a veil behind her. The veil has pomegranates, which are another sign of fertility. There is a black and white column on either side of her, which could mean good and evil. She holds the Torah in her hand, which is a powerful spiritual guide. This card reminds you to trust in your spiritual side. Don't give up easily even if your fist attempt fails. You have a great deal of power at your hands and you can use that to obtain your goals but you will have to do the work. This card also shows knowledge and passion, these are your guiding traits.

So there it is. My first Tarot reading. I really like how positive it is. If anyone has any experience and intuition to add I'd appreciate it.

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Sylvia said…
Very interesting! I must try this some day!
All the best!
Unknown said…
1 Since the page is the offer or the message....it indicates your current attitudes of support and truthfulness towards others as well. the lesson will be one concerning personal candor in relation to what is offered in return....when we offer knowledge..we have to be ready to accept the responses..which may cause us to recognize a need to change what we thought we knew....

2 Money is livelihood...right?? So ways to earn livelihood can also be about learning ways to trim externals by increasing internals. The 100 mile theories come to mind and creating sustenance closer to home. concerning the strength aspect.... When you exude strength... others can become more dependent on you...it is something to remember....Jesus was called "the lion of the tribe of Judah" and eventually met his downfall from being overly confident in his politics..He had choices about martyrdom as do all of us.

3 The Fool is the classic "coyote" of Ameridian lore. The idea of foolishness is embodied in "Heyoka-wisdom" He's stepping into infinity with a look lacking concern. One of the oldest treatises on the FOOL goes back to the origins of the Tarot which had its earliness around the same period as Kaballah....and initiates relegated the design to include absolute unadulterated "faith" as well....Faith can lead to enlightenment or fanaticism.

4 two years is not that far but considering where you once were...is not that bad...in classic tarot the card shows a young man offering the cup of love to a young woman under the watchful guard of a lion with wings. It can imply that a relationship was founded with possible strong solid intentions...relationship to what would be for your recognition...

5 The interpretation needs no more definition..

6 The people the reader speaks of are standing naked in the eyes of the Angel Gabriel....who is blowing his horn summoning them from their coffins. They reach for Judgement. It is a card which says all reward comes from prior act....a master card of action/reaction representing 'as you've sown, so shall you reap'

7 My call here is more proportionate to your query because a reader always reads based in their ability to sense or 'see' from their personal experiences. Pregnancy is a classic symbol of new ideas...

8 I shall add a bit...having listened to your thoughts for some time, Breezey, The cards position never concerns me for that is more an issue with a reader's confidence. They have enough meaning implied that such is not necessary when one 'sees' the flow.
This card merely implies that too much dependence on another's take for direction ....clouds what you can decide for yourself. Pay attention to your own images here Kiddo....

9 Your wishes will conduct them selves according to your belief..The king of swords is a strong, determined ruler over his subjects...and will not be swayed nor detained. This represents you wish to certify yourself...

!0 Clearly.....you will attain the goals you've set for yourself
Wolf! Thank you! I suggested that number 7 might be "growth" and also suggested it referred to my book which is going to be published soon...many writers compare the publication of a book to giving birth!

I would love to learn to read the Tarot. Fascinating!
Chuck Dilmore said…
all good things
are within your reach.
this i know.

Wendy said…
Very interesting reading. Good luck with your book ☺
how interesting this is! ... thanks for dropping by my page, I was really hoping you'd leave a comment just to see if your page works OK, 'cuz I've been cut-off several times whenever I open your page before I could start reading. I sure have missed some of your post due to this. =( BUT I'm glad your page has loaded well today! =)

'all the best!!!
Shadow said…
i've always wanted to do that... haven't though, so i can't add anything...
Cam said…
I have never had a reading, but I find this immensely interesting. I would love to have one someday!!

Thanks for sharing yours!