What is this Love?

What is this love?
From where did it come?
how did it know where to find me
how did it know it should stay?
What is this love
that sooths and consoles me?
Does it realise how my heart
fears that this love will drift away?

What is this love that intrudes
on the thoughts that are secretly held?
Invading a soul that is damaged
by the times when it lived in a void.
What is this love that rescues
and holds me in hands warm and kind?
It lifts me to gently caress
a soul that was vacant inside.

What is this love that surrounds
and intrudes on a life half lived?
It connects our hearts with the thread
of its sweet aching gentle embrace
What is this love that fulfills?
bringing me the peace that I seek
It stills me when storms hurt my heart
landing a contented smile on my face.

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Unknown said…
I'm not certain I know either...but thass OK....cuz I likes it
Chuck Dilmore said…
Beautiful writing, Carolyn!
Wow.. it's like sipping something cool.
No reason to rush. Just enjoy the soothing!

Shadow said…
WHAT it is is not important. THAT it is, is! lovely...