Today is Real!

This morning is real. Today the sun shines brighter than it has in a while, today I sat with my mind in silence and was still. After 4 hours of walking around Toronto Zoo yesterday, feeling sad for the gorillas, fascinated by the velvety texture of the stingrays, marvelling in the fact that I can, indeed, walk again, I am glad to immerse myself in this day of normal things. Normal for me always includes meditation and silent time.

I take my daughter to school as the rest of the house sleeps and then take my little dog into the backyard, smiling at the shock of the wet, dew-drenched grass on my sandalled feet. Nature always brings me back with a shake of her finger and says "be still in me" and I invariable listen.

When morning breaks with a bright warm sun on your face and happy wet dew on the grass and you are out there, in it, being at one with the gifts of the earth, that is when you know, this day is real and it is yours.

Tonight I am hosting the first event of my Other Than Mother initiative. It will be a small group of women, some have had to cancel due to childcare issues, so we are looking at maybe 5 women. I had hoped for around 10. Yet somehow I am incapable of being disappointed in the small turnout. I look forward to the movie, The Shift, I look forward to a few cookies and tea and mostly I look forward to conversations from incredibly brilliant and successful women whose lives have been an inspiration to me. Quality over quantity is always a success.

Once the movie screening is done, it is my intention to lend this movie to anyone who wanted to attend but couldn't make it. I believe in the message of this movie so deeply.

This day is real. From the first tread mark in dew covered grass to the poetry that is swirling around in my mind, words, thoughts, ideas, tapping impatiently as I carry on in my day to day tasks. They can wait, I've learned to trust that the good ones, the authentic words, stay until I am ready to allow them to come through my fingertips to the page.

But meanwhile, I am here, I am ready, I am real.


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Daria said…
Sounds like you are having a lovely day ... I hope your evening turns out the same.
nollyposh said…
Gorgeous post... Me tOO! ~Here, ready & real~ x
Shadow said…
good, enjoy it and grow...