Sitting in Patience

The sun has left sparkling light pepper dancing in front of my window. The cat has placed herself squarely in the rays, soaking up sunshine as only a cat can do. What is it about cats and sunlight? The deck is cold cement except for the area where the rays touch and warm the edge of it and there the brown tortoiseshell lies, sleeping in feline contentedness, moving only when the sun shifts, then with yawn and stretch, takes herself a few inches to the right, returning to her lazy slumber to dream of nocturnal hunts and can openers.

Today is a practice in patience for me. Off goes my visiting sister for a morning run and here I sit in envy wishing I could dash off with her and enjoy some physical activity. Here I am, still nursing an injured foot, hoping that in another week I'll be able to have full function back again in record time. The crutches have gone at least, after two days of struggling with them and figuring them out I finally conceded that I would likely do worse injury by using them and retired them to a corner and sat in a chair reading and icing and accepting that my mobility would be limited for a while.

Over a week now and not completely healed. Likely without visitors and barbecues and large family gatherings I hosted on the weekend I might be further ahead in my convalescence but I forged ahead with my plans, accepted all of the help that was offered and enjoyed a wonderful weekend with friends and family. My throbbing foot reminded me after that I need to rest now and so I have been. Hence my absence at my desk and on this blog.

Patience. That is what I am cultivating now. Waiting for emails about my ticket sales, waiting for my foot to heal, waiting for my life to get back to the way it was before I hurt myself.

We take so much for granted. I live mostly a peaceful life, quiet and boring by most standards, satisfying and fulfilling by mine and when it is interrupted by injury or illness or visitors it provides an opportunity to practice the virtues I contemplate during the quiet times. Today is better than yesterday and healing is happening daily. I am grateful for that.

I apologise for being absent but plan to return in due time to write and read and comment. Life is transient and dynamic, things will come along to change your plans regularly, the ability to wait it out, to go with it, to adjust is key to contentment.


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Anonymous said…
Oh, I am so happy to read this post - in a GOOD way! I have been worried by your absence - glad to hear that all is relatively well in your part of the world!

The beginning of your post brought a HUGE smile to my face - I always say that in my next life I want to return as a fat cat, lying in the sun all day! I have always worshipped the sun, which I now have to protect myself from even more so than before they fried me! I envy the cat!

Soon, dear friend, you will be out-running your sister! Patience!
Jinksy said…
Sometimes we have to listen to our body telling us to 'be still'...
Shadow said…
you rest up and heal!
Suldog said…
"Today is better than yesterday and healing is happening daily."

This is always true, but sometimes we need to have a major physical hurt to recall that truth.

God bless!
as I read your lines about cats, I remembered what my mom says about them sitting for too long ... she said they are praying that their good masters be rich, happy and contented so that they'll get fed in bounty all the time! ^-^ ... take care of yourself, have a good rest and heal fast!
April said…
Glad you are healing! Life is both transient and dynamic yes. I was helping Jakob learn the word transient today...we are learning about Buddhism for his history lesson this week. I am slowly re-entering blogland myself; I am just about recovered from my vacation, lol (it wasn't the relaxing paradise I'd imagined it would be).
Chrisy said…
It was so lovely to read your post with its musings...the focus on the moment....the acceptance...and also very pleased that the healing is progressing...take care...
Renee said…
Breeze how is it you know so much at such a young age.

I have admired what you have to say many many times.