Resetting and Renewal~Spending Time in Nowhere.

Life is a consistent flow of stops and starts, moment on to moment, all interwoven to make this tapestry we call our lives. A while ago I was travelling along, completely sure of my path, I still am, and that path will reappear in time. Yet just to make sure I didn't sit too long in my comfort zone along came a challenge, a new story idea, a new novel to be written, a fiction, love story, so real in my mind I almost feel as though I lived it. I know I wish I had. My non fiction book is now on hold for a while, though almost completely finished.

So starts the next journey. And in order to complete it I have to work on it regularly. I have to set the goals, the first one to be finished the first draft by September and the editing by the end of the year. I hope to publish by next February. Reasonable goals I've been told.

Doors seem to have opened recently that I hadn't even knocked on. My poetry, from my blog, the stuff you have all read for free, may soon end up in a book as well with some editing, for what you've all been forced to endure has been all first draft, off the top of my head, pure inspiration, sappy, amateur stuff that really isn't complete. But with some editing it's good enough for publication according to some "experts" and they've suggested that I choose the best and submit it. Apparently rhyming poetry is a throwback to the past and very uncommon now and my rough ramblings impress. Go figure, there is no accounting for taste.

I have had interesting comments on my poem "Limbo" in my last post. Some on here, but others came to me via email. It's interesting that in all the personal growth literature, a common thread of advice is to live in the moment, to witness and enjoy it as it happens with no further thought to what will come the next moment. Limbo is sort of that isn't it? We sit there and we just are. Yet we act as though being in between places is a negative, in fact, the word limbo has a negative connotation, when we are there we spend that time waiting instead of being. I wonder that we aren't supposed to spend more time in limbo, in that in between place.

It is said that it's the space between the notes that makes the music, the space between the bars that holds the tiger, and indeed in meditation often the training teaches us to get into the space between our thoughts to find our deepest peace.

With all the things going on in my life right now, potential, opportunity, inspiration, grief, happiness, worry, change, limbo is where I find my inner peace and strength. Spending time enjoying the nowhere, the waiting, the holding pattern might be the key to making the most of the journey.


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Shadow said…
busy, yes. but productive and creative. what better is there... good luck with the books!
I couldn't agree's always better to take things slow and one at a time, when things are getting too crowded for our thoughts to bear. 'Beautiful post.
April said…
Hey...I'm sensing a title for your poetry book. "Limbo" Well, that's absolutely fabulous. How would you feel about some black and white photography for your book?
April that sounds fabulous. I've gone through all my poetry and picked my best stuff. I'm not sure how many to include.

I like the title "Limbo"

When I decide which poems are going in I'll let you know and you can recommend some pictures. I'll give you full credit of course!

The working title is "Wind Rhymes; Poems by Breeze"
April said…
How exciting! I will consider in an honor, as well as a really fun project. Once you show me what you are putting in the book, I will take photos specifically for your poems and you can pick what you like.
Unknown said…
sweetheart, i have finally got around to answering your question about your friends spirit...its on my blog, see how it feels xx