Ocean Rescue

How is it no camera's eye
can do justice to your briney blue?
no painter's brush can stroke the colours
that pay honest homage to your saline hue

Impotent words fall from the scribe
inadequate truth of the impression
No words of rapture,awe and wonder
no syllabus outlines such a lesson

Standing on your battered brink
I'm rescued from the silly notion
that we the egocentric mortal
can elucidate the transcendent ocean

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Shadow said…
the ocean, a pleasure, if you respect it...
Anonymous said…
Oh, my favorite by far! I am a true water child - I love nothing better in life than to be by the ocean, watching the waves, smelling the salt, embracing its motion! You are so right - how DO you describe the color or, for that matter, the emotion that the ocean evokes! Such power in those waters - the power to instill calmness as well as fear! Hey Breeze, please write me a poem about the powerful force of the ocean! Please....
I will write you a poem Audrey..anything for you my friend...
Anonymous said…
As my Australian followers say,