Live a Biased Life!

Don't be objective! I read this the other day and it struck me as an unusual piece of advice. Usually when making decisions we weigh them out, look at all the different sides of things, who will be affected, the financial side of things and then make the decision. I was reading some of the writings of Dr. Wayne Dyer and his advice was to make the decision and then figure out how to make it work.

How interesting! He went on to further explain that our heart knows what's right for us, which path feels right and good and true and to trust it. So if we are trying to determine which path to take first listen to it, then after the decision is made, work steadfastly, without hesitation to walk down that path, disregarding the naysayers, enlisting the help of those who support us and eventually our dream will be realised. The only caution he made was to not get too caught up in a timetable, just take the path, road blocks and all, as it comes.

Somehow, this resonated with me. It's probably because intuitively this is how I know things ought to be. But as a mother of 4 children with a husband to consider, often I do stop, stand back and decide against things that I want to do simply because it will impact the people I love or I fear it will negatively impact them, although there often isn't any proof that this will be the case. In fact it's possible that it will only positively impact them and that I'm using them as an excuse to not do things for fear of failing.

When I watched the movie "The Shift" there was a particular storyline about a woman who was an artist who had fallen away from drawing and painting to the point where her children didn't even know she could paint. This storyline spoke to me as a woman but what I noticed, and I'm not sure if it was deliberate or not, was how oblivious her husband was to what she needed or wanted. BUT that when she said it, immediately he was supportive and understanding. He just hadn't ever known. Often we do not give the people around us the credit they deserve and do not realise how much they want us to be happy and to do the things we love. If we make the intention of our plans known, often our families and friends will fall in line with incredible support, to do whatever it takes so that our dreams are fulfilled.

A good example is my sister. My sister has applied to become a RCMP officer. If accepted she will travel to Regina, Saskatchewan for 26 weeks training. Her husband and children have fallen in line with her decision and are completely supportive of her dream. They will have to be without her for 6 months but they are already putting the plan into place just in case this works out for her. She is constantly surprised at the number of people who have come forward in complete support of her dream once she decided to go public with it. We all wish her great success and cheer her on in her physical training! And not that it matters all that much, but my sister is 41 years old and is not using that as an excuse to move forward towards her dream!

So, do not be objective! Be completely biased in your decision making, follow your heart, and the people who are truly your support will back you in your decision, those who don't may not be the friends you thought they were. There is a balance to be struck certainly but those who are determined and confident make good choices and make them work! Sometimes we might have to wait for the right timing, particularly when the children are small, but there are still small steps you can make during that time. Follow your heart, follow your dreams, no excuses!

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Melissa said…
Thank you for sharing this. I hadn't thought about it but perhaps being biased is a good way to live life.
Huh, what an interesting angle... Could this be the answer?

Thanks for bringing up this very inspiring topic.

April said…
I love this perspective, and it totally vibes with me. Sometimes I think of how impractical my life my seem to others. I don't have a "real job" anymore, and I don't want one. Objectively speaking only, I should be "job" searching but the path I'm on right now, though not yet financially lucrative, has given me hope as an artist and as my own person again. It's exciting! I think you'll like the post I wrote today, too
Sylvia said…
Dear Breeze, it occurred to me to say two things, about this wonderful text of yours. The first is - when you have an extraordinarily difficult decision to take and you can't find an answer "deliver it to God" (those are words of a Brazilian friend of mine, who is used to live in harsh conditions and to deal with the unbearable). On the other hand, that Angel or spirit who walks side by side with you will be whispering in your hears all the time what you need to hear. You just have to listen.
I know, this is not objective at all.
All the best to you.
Chrisy said…
It's tragic isn't it the way we keep expecting men to be able to read our be intuitive...and they often just need to be told what we want and they're happy to support it! Your post reminded me of that book Feel The Fear But Do It Anyway......which has the basic premise that there are no bad decisions...if we go one way and decide we don't like it we can change...and we'll take the experiences with us....
Shadow said…
this is brilliant! and you know, there have been times when i decided something and did it and moved the boulders out the way after the decision, and it DID work. how's that. i guess subconsciously we do listen to all the things we hear, and not only that, we subconsciously apply them. and that's when we stop doing. stop chasing the dream. give up... sad. thank you for this lovely post!
Daria said…
What a great post ... finding that balance and following our hearts. Such an important reminder.

Hope you are doing well ...