Adrift, floating on a world of is
watching all the empty clouds
swaying with the nowhere breeze
the day is fraught with a void of words

Sitting here in vacant space
nothing moving, no true fear
no direction, no permission
compass needle points nowhere

The place between before and after
the moment of lackadaisy
somewhere in the centre of
being sane and being crazy

normal is superfluous
all there is is mere existence
being where I'm supposed to be
with no energy to go the distance

moment by wasted moment
the world attempts to spin me gentle
and If I could I'd plead my case
instead I stay where things are simple

The fault line lies between here and there
lazy tectonics will not shift
ever mired in living limbo
awaiting the continental drift

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April said…
Wow, this one is amazing. It really does paint a whole picture of what "limbo" looks and feels like. Love it.
Cam said…
You perfectly described that moment of in between...

Perhaps one of your best so far (since I've been here at least).

Ciao, muse.

Lola xx