I'm High!

I'm high. I've been singing and dancing around all morning. What a feeling. To have a dream, to have an idea, to take the steps to make the dream come true and then to see it realised, to have it come to fruition! No wine impaired brain ever felt this good, no narcotic stupor ever satisfied this much. That's what happened last night. It was the night of my movie screening and it was wonderful! You can read about it here

Drugs are simply not necessary in a life lived from the centre outward. I sent the idea out to the universe and then I let it go, then I took a few steps towards it, let that go, when people didn't email back right away, I let that go as well and eventually, all of the right people did show up, all of the things I needed came to me and the night unfolded exactly as it was supposed to, serving the exact purpose I intended. To allow wonderful, busy women, to focus on themselves outside of their roles as mothers. And they all did, they all could relate and could share the shift they had experienced or were experiencing now. All were mothers but first and foremost all were divine goddesses with exceptional journeys and brilliant insight. I was truly blessed to be with them. I am forever grateful for their presence in my life at that moment.

We had a beautiful evening in beautiful surroundings provided by my new friend, Dr. Tanya Chambers. Including her, 6 of the most accomplished and interesting women I know gathered with me to watch the movie. As I sat there, I became aware of a complete feeling of peace and joy, knowing, I did it. And this, being proof of the fact that I can do anything, is the first in a long line of things I will do from this place. I hope that the attendees enjoyed their night as much as I did. I am celebrating. I want to do it again tonight. I wonder, our town is getting a new public library(I'm so excited about this!)if they would like to host a movie screening as a fundraiser. The ideas are coming fast and furious! (Breeze gently reigns herself in from the path of digression).

There is no greater reward than to follow a dream, do the work and realise it as reality. No matter how small or large(and there really are no small dreams) all are possible with work, trust in yourself and trust in the greater good. Do it to serve others and you will serve yourself, there is no escaping this universal truth!

So, yeah I'm high, but without drug or alcohol(though there may be a Guinness or two in my day at some point, it is Saturday and we have a neighbourhood barbecue later) but I doubt even Arthur Guinness himself experienced such drunken joy as I feel right now!

Get out there, live your passion, take the single step that begins the long journey. Now I have to pick up the pen. I think there is writer's cramp in my future. I can do anything on this natural stimulant including several more chapters of my book!

Namaste friends!

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Wow Breeze, congratulations!!!
You're right there are no small dreams, and you are telling a happy story of a fullfilled HUGE one! Brava

Dream on, sister. We all applaud you and your talent.

Daria said…
Joy is oozing out of your post ... may you're high continue throughout the weekend.
Hi Breeze
Heard you had a nasty accident and wanted to say sorry, but glad you have made a recovery and are getting better.
Tried a few times to make a comment but kept getting locked out - very best wishes ~ Eddie
Shadow said…
how i wish i were there... you're right, nothing beats a natural high!
congratulations!!! you are very talented and I admire you for that! 'keep on doing what you love and have fun at your heart's content! you deserve it!

so happy for you!

nollyposh said…
Can you hear me? i am CHEERING you on!!! XOX
Cam said…
Woot Woot!!

I hope you are still riding the high of this fantastic night!

I believe I believe I believe! Life is too short to do anything other than do whatever we can to give our dreams life...

Thank you for the inspiration!