It pours without stopping
drenching the dirt
mud runs in riviluts
revealing the hurt

Try to be noble
pragmatic and stoic
but the rain keeps on falling
drowning this poet

And the question is why
and the answer evades
the bright light of day
by its closely drawn shades

And the damp hurts the bones
while the misery falls
on the heads of the innocent
who did nothing at all

And the girls weep with horror
and the rest curl with pain
and the sky sends its gift
of never ending rain.

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This is just beautiful Breeze. So sad yet so beautiful. Hope you visit my blog, I have a little something for you.
Unknown said…
WTF Breeze........who stepped in yer cornflakes ? Is this old cycle or something you've just embraced? made me LOL! I'm perfectly fine...old residual stuff, I've not felt this way in a looooong blessed am I to have though, at one point at least, known the gives me so much more gratitude for my life of light!

Anonymous said…
This is sad, but very well written. The second stanza is my favorite "drowning this poet" fits really well.
Debbie said…
wow! how beautiful and touching!!!
April said…
So beautiful, Breeze. I love the honesty of it.I wrote a really dark poem the other day, just really needed to write it and its like therapy. It wasn't one I wanted to post. Then my spirits lifted a bit, and I wrote a more hopeful one, that I posted today.