Audrey's Ocean Poem

Finite yet infinite in scope
our mind does not fully comprehend
the power that lies in the waters
that brace against the tides and the wind

Sweet baleen orbs are but specks
in the vast blue-green mass of your depths
velvet hands with the gentlest of touch
can break man without taking a breath

We love you conversely we hate you
your revenge for our plunder is dark
reminder that you are first master
you pluck justice from us as a lark

Helpless we sit on your swell
hapless and silly and vulnerable
The sea laughs with the gulls on her crest
at our feeble attempts at controlling her

Awestruck we sit as your brother
saline in this pair is prevailing
Man is comprised of the ocean
inspiration the ship we are sailing

Calm as the sun drops below you
yet vicious in hate with the gale
your deception lies not in your depths
but the folly of man's bid to prevail

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Shadow said…
this reminds me of big woodden galleons with pirates on aboard, fighting through a storm, raging, in the middle of they don't know where... beautifully told!
Anonymous said…
Breeze, I LOVE it! Thank you my sweet friend! You capture the strength and might of the ocean so well - the water, in all of its majesty, demanding the respect of human kind!
Thank you! I am thrilled!
Anonymous said…
Breeze, I am having a difficult time posting comments to your blog - Blogspot is doing crazy, wacky things again! Anyway....

THANK YOU for my beautiful ocean poem! You so wonderfully capture the power and might of the seemingly calm waters. I particularly love the phrase "a reminder that you are the master." It is so true - we need to respect the waters for their serenity and for their might! Love it!
It's going crazy for me too forgive me if it seems I'm not commenting on all your blogs...I'm trying to!
Sarah Sullivan said…
Oh this is wonderful!!!! Congratulations on your prize from Cindy!!! I am the proud owner of some of her lovely work! Hugs, Sarah
Audrey's Ocean Poem is beautiful - enjoyed it immensely.
Having a lot of difficulty posting comments to you, Breeze, but hope this one comes through OK. Regards ~ Eddie
again! very beautiful! This poem has taken me into the ocean where I could almost swim its current!