Acceptance with Passion!

With acceptance comes peace. Many humans spend their time on this earth searching for peace. They may think they are searching for success or money or fame or some other physical gratification and reward but the truth is they are hoping that the end result is that they are peaceful and happy in their existence on the planet. Of course I can't speak for every human. But as a student of humanity that seems to be the underlying motivation for human beings in their actions.

In order to have the peace we crave though we must first come to accept where we are in a particular moment. To find joy and peace in this time, this result, this event, this very time that we are in. There is no joy to be found in wanting and living in need and no peace to be found in searching and desiring something that may never come or that when it eventually shows up does not bring the desired result and leaves the person further lacking.

Because of this paradox though, this idea that we must accept what we have to have peace, leaves many people with the understanding that you sort of get to be lazy, lose ambition, sit under a bodhi tree and meditate and watch life passing you by. That there is nothing to be done, whatever will be will be and therefore why even try? This is not how it works. For even Siddhartha Gautama(The Buddha)got up and served the world after he recieved enlightenment under the tree.

This passive sort of mindset is not how we achieve peace. For what are we giving to the earth if we simply sit? How are we serving our fellow human if we watch him walk by in need and do not help? If we are to find peace it's by being passionate about what we should be doing in our lives to be fulfilled and to serve ourselves and humanity.

So how do we reconcile acceptance and passion in our lives. The key is not in choosing one or the other but in holding both as our guiding forces. Find your passion, discover what it is you want to do, get out there and live fully in the world with enthusiasm and passion and ambition. Enjoy it! The acceptance part is that you know that you are OK with whatever results you see from your efforts.

The best part of living this way is that you cannot experience failure. There is no failure to be found, only results. If you try something and discover that it's not working for you it is seen simply as a learning experience, something you had to do to learn the lesson that needed to be learned in that moment. By not setting great store in the end results and accepting them when they come whatever they are, you find peace.

So imagine a life without failure. Imagine living in the world as a contributing member of human society, with goals and aspirations, integrity and ambition and imagine that you greet whatever comes your way with acceptance and a knowing that you are in harmony with divinity and the earth. That is peace. And that is ultimately what we are all reaching for.


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nollyposh said…
Beautiful post and Namaste to you too my friend x
Debbie said…
peace.....what we all search for...and only some achieve!
Unknown said…
did you know the ol' buddha supposedly, by one old story, spent the rest of his years as a ferryman ? Now....if rivers metaphorically represent the flow of spirit and this old tale is such...then it tells the story of his helping others to understand the opposing banks and thus bridge the gap...or it may be graphically correct.

I also wonder what happened to his wife and child whom he left to go on his long sojourn to reach enlightenment. Did he stay in contact...or not? Did his child grow up with an abandonement issue..resentful towards his father?

Another tidbit.....his birth...was it virgin as with so many of the stories of that time....

I once read something that said his mother and father were royalty and actually existed....his mother being blessed by child by Shiva in a dream......has that sanch the back door man ring eh???
Deepanjan Ghosh said…
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Shadow said…
and with acceptance too, come relief... great post!
Debbie~but all are entitled to.
Spotted Wold~interesting stuff, I'd heard some of that, I'll ask my Buddhist friend. I know that his wife and children were left in his childhood palace so they weren't left to poverty and neglect but beyond that I'm unsure of what's known, and what is it with the virgin birth theme in religion, oh yea, patriarchy must maintain the virgin/whore ideals to control the women..

The story I;ve heard always is that he was raised by royalty in protected isolation from the horrors of the world and then one day he became free and saw the horrors and poverty and thus began his journey to enlightenment and becoming the Buddha.

There is as much mystery about Buddha as about Jesus..sometimes I wonder if they were the same..they certainly had the same teachers.
Debbie said…
had to stop back over and thank you for your words of encouragement and hope!! Have a great day!
Unknown said…
Yes Breeze..... the virgin myth thing applies equally across the spectrum of "godmen" as they are the sons of women and gods. The 1st of the 'Zeitgeist' movie/documentaries has an excellent cross-cultural comparative on virgin birth-myths. They are extremely ancient and probably pre-date THE EARLIEST OF FORMED BELIEF SYSTEMS which GENERALLY ORIGINATE FROM THE SUMERIAN THEATRE. They don't truly condemn women to secondary status but were early attempts to place women closer because of the long line of 'goddess' worship pre-dating the initiation of solar gods......some 30,000 years. One must remember that originally homo-sapiens would not have made the connection of sex and birth until such a time as insightful members figured it out thru repetition or dream. they thought all births were'miricles' from 'gods'.....much like people not very long ago were convinced dreams (even Christians) were god talking to us.

Buddha=awakened one
Christ=anointed one

difference=traditional use of oil...

there is an old tale of the wise men seeking out the Christ to whisk him away to spend his life as an honored teacher in the Hindi Traditions. Grave site and all.
Sylvia said…
Dear Breeze, one thing is true; we all are looking for Peace. Sometimes, though, we must make concessions from our Peace to help our children to go to school, learn about life, fulfil their passions and reach their own Peace. I mean: I can't concede to my Peace by sacrificing the other ones Peace. But it's beautiful this text. It made me remember my own Peace and dream, as well as a story of my childhood, Anne of Green Gables. A little house between the trees, a smile to the sea, a job serving Humanity... I'd love that.
Thank you for the enlightenment.
Yes, Sylvia, that's exactly it. We must accept the limitations on our time. If I want to write but instead I must take my daughters to soccer practice then accepting that this is how it is to be today will bring me peace. Ranting and raving and worrying about it is not going to bring me peace. There are no "buts" in this, there is only acceptance for what it. But when the opportunity arises to do the thing which you wish to do then take it. This is a lesson our children need to learn, to let there mothers be something beyond their mothers. I'm not talking tiny dependant children but as they grow, they must be taught the same things, that acceptance brings peace and in doing so they mature into capable humans able to let others do their thing. They see it modelled and they learn it.

Cam said…
Namaste to you as well!

Staying mindful and present, and that is all I can hope to do!

Peace, friend!