Dark, grey, heavy
cold and dreary
weak and tired
bones are weary

Clouds come in
as they wont to do
and weigh their burden
heavy on you

Reach up higher
in search of light
attempt to win
without a fight

Drift to sleep
let go of things
dream of the hope
the sunrise brings

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Anonymous said…
Oh, that was beautiful. And perfectly timed! I have been a bit overwhelmed with life this week, and I have been missing you very much! This poem was exactly what I needed to hear.
Biggest hugs to you Breeze.
As you can tell, so have I..guess we've been in the same boat an ocean apart...(ok well a few provinces, but wasn't that more poetic?)

How did your presentation go?
Unknown said…
sounds like life is taking us all for a spin this week x
Mercury in retrograde?
Anonymous said…
Wonderful images!!
Cam said…
beautiful flow of imagery here, Breeze!

Thank you for sharing!