Success and Failure; Outgrowing Feelings of Inadequacy!

I often note that one thing that prevents people from doing the things they love is a feeling of inadequacy. I've experienced it certainly. All through my life I've been a reader and one of the reasons that I've never written professionally or considered it as a career was because of a feeling that I would never be able to write like "them". I would never be able to spin a tale of horror, complex and logical in the styling of Stephen King or tell a story of love and character such as those sweet tales woven by my personal favourite, Miss Jane Austen.

Today, I read some samplings from a novel by another writer who, in the past, would have left me with such a feeling, that feeling of "why am I wasting my time, he can write, I can't" but unlike in the past, instead of that thought, I simply enjoyed what I was reading. It was only later I realised after reading someone Else's rant on why they couldn't do the thing they loved because they weren't as good as...that I realised "hey, I don't think that way anymore"! How far I've come and how much I've grown over the past few years!

The fact is, I don't write like him, I write like me. His stories are his, mine are mine, his style is different and there simply isn't a comparison. But it doesn't matter as there is no competition, there is room for all creativity in the world. All in the universe is equal in value and the biggest mistake humans make is to doubt their own ability based solely on the simple fact that it's theirs. Our motivation should be to do the thing we love and enjoy it and competition should not exist and in fact stunts the growth of the creative mind.

Instead of giving all up as lost now I delve into the world of brilliant literature as a writer and from the depths of the creative word, instead of inadequacy I instead glean inspiration. I look at styles and see how they've created an image, I've opened up to the aspect of combining talent with experience and in doing so have begun to become a better writer instead of throwing my hands up in frustration. I'm not afraid to write crap anymore! That's growth!

Tomorrow I pay off my library fines, who knew one "on hold" book overdue one week could cost me so much, but tomorrow I pay and pick up some new reading material. And I look forward to the day when the samples I read today become a novel! Actually, I can hardly wait, the guy is brilliant!

Let go of feelings of inadequacy. You don't need to be better than anyone else, you simply need to be better than you were. The only one you have to compete with is your former self. There is no failure, there is only a result. Do what you love, practice creativity and you will find a new joy in your life and success beyond the finished product. You will find joy in the path you've taken.

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That was an inspring are right, you are always your own competitor....
Unknown said…
yes, i know what you mean- the worst thing you can do is read other blogs when you are feeling doubtful of your abilities- and then you remember- hey they all have shit days too x
C. Om said…
Suspending judgment on ourselves takes transcending regular thought. A recognition of our true identity will eliminate all feelings of inadequacy!

Nicely dome. :-)
Deepanjan Ghosh said…
You inspired me to begin rhyming again, and look at me now...I am doing it all the time, everywhere. Thank you so very much. And your post reminded me of these lines...

My hands are small, I know
But they're not yours, they are my own
But they're not yours, they are my own
And I am never broken

Jewel - Hands
sunnymama said…
Wonderful advice about letting go of inadequacy, and beautifully written :)
DeniseinVA said…
What an interesting post Breeze, I enjoyed it, thank you. Someone told me once not to worry if 'your work doesn't turn out like mine. It's not that it is not as good because it is, just done in a different way. Like your signature is different to everyone else's.'
Cam said…
C'mon Baby, you just lit my fire!

I will repeat these words every time I think those terrible thoughts of my inner self critic. Some days, she is really at her worst and needs to be CHECKED!


Rock on, friend!