Reveda has honoured me with the Honest Scrap award, how wonderful. So the idea is for me to tell ten truths about myself. I'll try to be as straightforward as I can.

1. I love my children as much as is humanly possible, yet at times I feel the need to be in my own company, alone, with my thoughts to create, read, meditate and I am irritated by their interruptions. I find that if I do this regularly though and the need is met, I don't become as irritated with them and have far more patience.

2. I have begun a new intiative called "Other Than Mother" which is a series of events designed to help women explore personal growth beyond their roles as mother.

3. I am hosting a movies screening of "The Shift" on June 5, 2009 as the kick off to my new initiative

4. I miss my hubby when he's away and he's away a lot.

5. I am working daily to decrease my footprint on the earth, I bought a composter and it is amazing to me how I have decreased the amount of garbage I bag up for the curb each week.

6. I hate flying, I'm claustrophobic and they won't let me out.

7. I am not afraid of Swine Flu, Norwalk Virus, SARS, or any other disease that might be given a name and used in conjunction with the words epidemic or pandemic. I never take medication, not even tylenol, and have minimised my contributions to the drug company's coffers.

8. Writing Poetry is my favourite thing to write because I'm lazy and it's easy.

9. My house is very clean and tidy right now and I love it this way, but I hate cleaning about the same amount as I hate dirt and clutter so I'm constantly battling within myself as how to go with this.

10. I'm handwriting a letter to someone soon. I haven't done it in years. I'm sort of looking forward to it.

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Daria said…
I agree ... hate cleaning but hate the messiness too ... O.K. I admit it ... I hate cleaning more and my house is a bit messy.
'hate the cleaning too! =) and can definitely relate to "missing my husband" when he's away, because we're always together and when he's not around, my days are different and incomplete!
Chrisy said…
Sounds like you're doing some fabulous things...the OTM iniative sounds wonderful!
Shadow said…
a handwritten letter? wow. i get too frustrated since i think faster than i write and forget half the stuff...
Anonymous said…
Great list! osh, I haven't handwritten a letter for so long! I used to write them to my nieces and nephews when they were little so they would get some "mail," and I used to love receiving them. Modernization has robbed us of some very simple, loving gestures hasn't it!
April said…
A hand-written letter - I've been thinking of sending one to my grandma soon. It's her birthday, and I think I'll send a nice long letter with the card. She doesn't use email, and hates talking for a long time on the phone. I will be posting on my own blog regularly again but it may be another week or two..we've been having much topsy-turviness in our lives! The Other Than Mother initiative..that's wonderful!