Reason 2,483, 457 Why Talent Should be Shared!

There are a multitude of reasons why you should do things you love, create things using whatever talent you have and if you simply do it for your own pleasure that's often enough. However when I see examples of talent, I often feel an intense gratitude that the person who made such beauty shared it with me. I read a beautiful poem on someones blog and I say thank you in a comment and for me, it's not about something to say, I'm truly grateful that their words made that moment special for me. I feel the same way about beautiful paintings, sculptures, art, crafts, all things of beauty created by the human hand.

This brings me to my point. See the jewellery in the side bar? That is my mother's day gift being made for me by my cousin Tonya in Edmonton. I told her what I was looking for and this is a mock up of what it will look like. Isn't it beautiful? There are earrings in there too if you look closely. I'm begging her to start an Etsy store, she has a lot of ready made stuff on hand and she does beautiful custom work as well. She has talent and she truly enjoys the work.

Now check out the photo above. The artist who drew this is the same cousin. Yes, This girl is multi-talented. This is exceptional work. She recently started working with a teacher and is spending time improving her art. I feel privileged to share this with you. She truly has remarkable gifts and I'm grateful to be able to witness the results of her creativity and inspiration.

I thought it was time to post about this cousin. I'm trying to convince her to start an art blog and a jewellery store and just be done with it all(never mind the full-time job she has) but until she's ready, I'll share her talent with the Bloggy World myself.

I'm proud of you Tonya, you have amazing talent and thanks for sharing it with me and making me this beautiful example of your art!

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Deepanjan Ghosh said…
That sketch looks just amazing. She is very very talented. I agree, she should start that online store.
Leslie said…
I like how many reasons you have thought of or collected as to why talent should be shared. Huge amount by any standards. Good luck to your cousin; she's lucky to have you looking out for her... and taking the time to do promotion for her. Good luck to all! Beautiful work!
Cam said…
She should definitely start a store and blog!

You are supa talented, Tonya!

C'mon, try it!!