My Treasures


I stared into your large grey eyes
I smelled your brand new smell
my heart was full of joy and love
my mother tears first fell

You made me mother firstborn girl
sweet and sensitive
your smile is big, your heart is bigger
your beauty such a gift

Then came another spirit girl
Gemini so true
lively hearted, happiness
rare and blessed and new

into the world in moments flat
you still move fast and light
loving, cute, blessed heart
my second girl, my sprite

Wisdom is your name sweet girl
daughter number three
the joy you brought to all of us
when you came to be with me

Sober, sensible and serious
a soul both old and new
wisdom is your best nature
smart and sweet and true.

Then the baby girl so blonde
her daddy's big eyed face
she promptly made her presence known
and staked her special place

Number 4 she came to us
but knows she's number one
pretty, smart with a will of steel
and a heart as warm as sun

I gather all these gems to me
you are my muse, my art
the abundance I've been gifted
is a treasure of the heart

Fate's abundant generosity
ensured my treasure chest is full
these precious gems called daughters
a gift that cheapens gold


Daria said…
What precious pictures ... and an amazing poem.
Lisa Russell said…
Aww- that is beautiful :)
Cheryl said…
Truly beautiful Breeze. The sense of knowing and understanding your precious girls brings tears to my eyes.