Mustang Sally


How sweet you make our human lives
with floppy puppy faces
you bring us wagging doggie love
and quickly stake your places

You give us love unconditional
and never question us
when we come back from absenses
you never cry and fuss

You walk with us and love us
and fill a certain void
and in your non-judgemental way
give trust that's vast and wide

Your time is less than ours on earth
so we often too soon part
and miss our precious doggie friends
who leave their paw print on our heart.

In memory of a sweet doggie, Mustang Sally, sleeping lazily in green meadows of unlimited love. Missed so much by her human mommy Pam and many others.


That mutt face is adorable. And the poem is an ode to canine love. Well done, Breeze, as per usual. Ciao Mustang Sally, wherever you are
Anonymous said…
Breeze, that made me cry! It was beautiful! You are right - there is nothing quite like the unconditional love of a puppy.
Unknown said…
I think many of us know this loss...I sure do.

Happy MD Mama........
Mary said…

A beautiful tribute to Sally.

Sara Diana said…
That was beautiful. I have been thinking alot of my first dog Bobbi who died 10 years ago of cancer aged just 5. Miss her every day.