Lady Blue

At somepoint in the early eighties, my early teen years, a friend of mine, Dona Hoffe, played me a Janis Joplin song. I had never, up to that point, heard anything like that voice. And I haven't since. The song was Piece of My Heart and I was hooked. And saddened. That she was gone. Such a small but powerful body of work. I think every single woman singer I've listened to since that day has fallen short. There are many great ones but they just aren't Janis. Tonight I immersed myself in some old music, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and of course Lady Janis. Before my time and for my time, this ones for you, Lady Blue.

Lady Blue

Bohemian heartbeat
genius of the damned
plucked from our lives
by Morpheus' hand

Blue lady Janis
in her Mercedes Benz
every sweet note
foreshadowed her end

Raw and uncensored
deep to the bone
lost in the crowds
while completely alone

Make my eyes weep
Cry baby cry
cat's gone to Africa
and I don't know why

Piece of my heart
somewhere man
held in the grip
of Lady Janis' hand

Demons chased you
until you caught them
drank of the poison
Capricorn stolen

Great lady Janis
singin' those blues
still busted flat
in Baton Rouge

Sings with white choirs
rocks with damned souls
Lady Blue Janis
ephemeral rose


Daria said…
Janis Joplin ... eerie and sad at the same time.

Call me old ... but I think old music say more.
Sara Diana said…

Do think you should try Mike Peters;

"Love Hope & Strength"
"spirit of 76"
"Without a Fight"
Chrisy said…
I too love the old blues numbers...Janis was a genius...and geniuses don't fit particuarly well into our world...
sunnymama said…
Love Janis Joplin too!
I left you an award on my blog - no need to pass it on unless you want to but I wanted you to know that I really like your blog!
Thank you for the award Sunny Mama! I will pass it on. That's a long list to make, it may take me couple of days!

Deepanjan Ghosh said… usual...
That song is also one of my dad's fav songs....

Abba and from a distance on your playlist are other favourites....In fact he has seen Mama Mia at WestEnd just for Abba songs!