An Invitation!

When I started this blog my goal was to write about three aspects of a person, the mind, body and soul. I feel all three are interconnected to a degree that we often over look. This blog is about inspiration and positivity and creativity, but I have another blog! My other blog is about self improvement of the body through methods other than those set forth by the diet industry. I feel that the diet industry has failed us, how can a industry call itself successful when so few people actually achieve long-term, lasting results. I know I haven't.

It is more specifically about physical health as it is impacted by being over weight. It's also for those want to do this themselves without spending a fortune on the gimmicks and weight loss clubs that are everywhere.

It also could be used in conjunction with a program you are already using.

I believe the weight to be a symptom of a larger problem, an unhealthy attitude about weight and weight gain, and our love-hate relationship with the food that nourishes our body.

Please visit at Weighless and Weightless for my thoughts on body health.


Anonymous said…
Weight is such an interesting topic. Food, for many, is managed or not the same as any other addiction. I am a life time Weight Watchers meeting, and at one point, was a leader for them. It would break my heart to see a person who was morbidly obeses work to lose the weight, only to gain it all back again. You are right - there is much more involved than just food! And then there is fitness......

Joanne said…
So much about ourselves is interconnected. Habits and behaviors so often a symptom of something else, a flag even. It's a great topic to explore.
Sara Diana said…
You are so right. I have had eating disorders since age 19 and at one point my weight plummetted to 6 stone. Once I started eating again, my starvation had caused Polycystic Ovary Syndrome which has plagued my life ever since with weight gain issues, mood probs, fertility and now, probably breast cancer. It is important to learn about healthy eating and portion control. Good on you xx