The Din of Silence

In the numbing noise of normalcy
the speeded people walk
hurrying through the silent noise
of erroneous electric talk

Fast like trample-threatened bugs
to some false destination
more and more and more its beacon
misleads the impulse of creation

Loneliness cascades the masses
drowns their crowded purpose
no depth of love dare intrude
the life lived at the surface

Then unbidden silence comes
and loneliness descends
upon the desperate noise-crazed masses
battling quiet until the end

And in the racious din of silence
the truth speaks without voice
the harbinger of quiet peace
offers another choice

Silence seeks the searching soul
and the wise drink tranquility
They do not blindly follow chaos
and choose their silent legacy.

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Chrisy said…
...some interesting thoughts...yes it's definitely just as easy to be lonely in a crowd as it is alone...but solitude doesn't always guarantee an immunity does it...
Shadow said…
very observant! follow what you see, what you hear, ignore the silent creativity inside... sad.
Cam said…
You tapped into some kind of current there, didn't you friend?

It is so simple when you can really see it. So many can't, and they just follow along, blindly. Completely lost within the crowd.

I prefer to sit here on the comfy hillside, and watch them with morbid curiousity. I have never bought into mainstream. Not about to start.
Anonymous said…
I love this! It is true - the dichotomy of life! Calm in the midst of chaos, silence in the midst of cacophony, light in the midst of dark.
I love how your mind works Ms Breeze - you always give me something to ponder!