I'm a Winner!

A while ago The Shabby Hag was offering a prize for Halloween poetry. I love Halloween and as such I entered a poem and she is sending me a prize. This blog is so much fun, I absolutely love it and I will post the poem on Halloween, yes, I'll make you wait because, really, deep down I'm truly evil!

Then a couple of days ago I won another price, the movie Killer at Large from one of my favourite blogs The Nourished Kitchen. I know the title of the movie makes it sound like it might be Halloween appropriate as well however it's about the obesity epidemic in America. I've very excited to see this movie and I'll be reviewing it for my other blog Weighless and Weightless .

I was feeling quite blessed after all this and then to wake up this morning to find I had won a third giveaway, from another fantastic blog, Truth 4 the Journey! The prize is the book The Five Love languages by Gary Chapman. I am so excited to receive this and to own a copy of this well known, popular book!

So thank you to all of my benefactors. I am truly grateful to be so blessed with this abundance. Books and movies and surprises all coming to me soon in the mail.

If you get a chance stop by their blogs and say hi.

And I too would like to host a give away. I just have no idea what to offer as a prize.


Breeze Talks About Weight Loss


Deepanjan Ghosh said…
Congratulations. I'm so happy for you!!!
congrats Breeze! well deserved!
Cam said…
Congratulations to you!!

Enjoy your prizes!!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Breeze - you deserve those and more!