I Wasn't Loved

I wasn't loved

I lost my way, I felt no joy
I cried alone in pain
I screamed until my voice was hoarse
It seemed I screamed in vain

I wandered lost, wayward and wild
following a lonely path
I chose the roads others laid
paved with hate and wrath

I angered for the love I craved
and felt I wasn't worthy
and took along some friends of mine
and showed them little mercy

I hated for I didn't know
why for me no love existed
and it left me angry, dark and cold
bare and weak and twisted

And all I wanted all along
was the love that others claim
to replace the hatred in my heart
and remove my cloak of shame

And they were there, they could have loved
the child that once was me
the strangers who looked past my shoulders
and pretended they didn't see

See the human in the being
give a second chance
don't walk by your fellow man
without a second glance

Extend the hand of kindness
whenever you see the need
a singular moment of compassion
might be your greatest deed.

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Daria said…
Very powerful ...
Shadow said…
outstanding. this is reality!
Anonymous said…
Oh my - this stirred up so much emotion in me! Human kindness is actually such a simple thing, and yet so often it is forgotten. It doesn't take a lot to make someone elses day a bit brighter, and yet so often we are too "busy!" Sad, isn't it!
Anonymous said…
I left a little present for you over at my site - pop by when you get a chance!
Cam said…
Someone made my day in just this way yesterday! You never know how much a few simple words of acknowledgment and kindness can mean to someone.

Beautiful words!