She slipped into the silver gown
the one she wore each day
its silver threads and fabric
had begun to rend and fray

She checked the seams that held her in
and saw they'd ripped and torn
she knew the dress was useless now
the one she'd always worn

She slipped it off, discarded it
on the floor threadbare and worn
the remnants of her facade
ill-fitted, old and torn

There was no gown to mask her now
she stood in barest skin
and realised she felt herself
comfortable within

Authentic now she knew her skin
needed no silver gown
the Goddess that she knew she was
didn't even need a crown

this is the one I am she said
honest true and free
and she slipped into herself one day
and let herself just be

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Anonymous said…
Lovely! A "coming of age" kind of poem! I love the way you describe a woman growing into herself.
April said…
You have such a way with words. I really love this poem!
Sara Diana said…
What a fabulous poem, kind of how I felt at the end of 2008 when I finished therapy and actually "liked" myself for the first time in my life.... then I had breast cancer....
Shadow said…
now that's the way to feel!
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Great writing ~ Eddie
Rinkly Rimes said…
I love 'she slipped into herself'! I think that is a wonderfully telling line. I to write poetry. Please visit me at

Unknown said…
YEAH!!! What all the others said..TWICE!!!!