Feeding My Soul

I am sitting here watching my children and my love doing yard work. There is a mountain of laundry upstairs but I sit here yearning to be there, in the glorius sunshine, gardening, walking, playing, swinging. Outside in the sundrenched afternoon, this perfect gift of a day.

I'm certain that is the place I am to be. So I'm finishing up this post, a short one and heading into the world, where constant interruptions by little voices are pleasant and natural, not shrill and annoying, where frollicking puppies happily lay frog-like in the rug of green. I'll watch little yellow butterflies dance on the surf of the wind as they join me in paradise.

Today I visit nature and by doing so I tune into my own nature. For in the deepest most honest part of me there is a spirit that does not feel one with laundry mountains and ironing boards. This true nature loves the sunshine and fresh air and absorbs it's rays like a sea sponge absorbs its salty bath.

Loving Queen of Golden light
make me up some tea
I'm coming for a visit
will you sit and chat with me?

Tell me all the secrets
that I may be at peace
for my true nature is with you
and yours likewise with me.


aims said…
Saw your comment over at David's and came for a look. I noted the other day that Hilary is also from Ontario.

I was born in Guelph and we moved to Sudbury when I was 6. After I attended Laurentian U I moved back to Guelph before I made my final journey to Alberta.

I live in a land of dry prairies and cold rivers. There are hardly any lakes here. I miss that about Ontario very much. Just being able to wade in and go for a great swim. Here you have to wear a wetsuit in the lakes they are so cold.

Good luck with your walk for Cancer. I've had my battle with it as well and beat it. Insidious disease. I hate it and what it does to people.
I hope you guys are taking care of yourselves in view of Swine flu outbreak...please do that//
Debbie said…
beautiful post...in my own way,. I shall do the same today and enjoy the moment!! and ignore the mundane!
Reveda~Not too worried about swine flu...it's just a flu...we'll do what we always do, wash our hands a lot, stay healthy and well and carry on.

Debbie..you certainly deserve a day off!

I am visiting for the first time and enjoyed your post. Your blog is lovely, and your writing is inspiring! I am also a writer in training. Nice to meet you. I'm sure I'll be back. :)

Sonya Lee
Unknown said…
beautiful post- you are a beautiful breezy girl xx
Anonymous said…
Nice uplifting post
Sara Diana said…
your poem brought tears to my eyes, it was lovely and so true x