Eddie Bluelights has bestowed upon me the great honour of The Panda Super Comments Award for regular attendance to his blog.

If you haven't visited Eddie's blog I implore you to take a peek. It is imaginative, creative and hilarious and one of my favourite places to visit in Bloggy World. He also calls me young lady which makes my heart go all a flutter as most people in real life have now taken to calling me ma'am.

I'm going to present this award to Debbie at Single Mom in a Complicated World . There are a lot of regular visitors who are deserving of this award but Debbie is a very busy woman who still makes time to write wonderfully insightful posts on her blog and takes time to visit and comment on my blog regularly. In making her journal public to us here in bloggy world she is giving so much more than she receives although I'm not sure she realises that completely!

So Debbie, this one's for you. Thank you for everything you do and everything you are.

Breeze Talks About Weight Loss


Shadow said…
love that award. congratulations!!!
wow congrats to you and to Debbie! well deserved.
Thank you for your kind words and the plug - if this does not bring millions of screaming your ladies to my site perhaps next time you could be a little more 'forceful' and get out your whip! - C R A C K! M U S H!
Seriously, I have had a ball doing all this awards business and I will certainly continue to call you a young lady - I would never have let anyone other than an attractive young lady come second in my grand national horse race ~ Eddie x
Barry said…
I'm pleased you got this award. And pleased also to learn about Debby and Eddie's blogs, which I'll have to check out!
Daria said…
Congratulations girl!
Chrisy said…
...heading over to check out this eddie fellow!
Unknown said…
now thats a cute award xx
debbie said…
thankyou sooooo much! You blog has meant alot to me! So, I accept this award from you with honor!!!! :)