Childhood Memories

Change Islands, Newfoundland, my home town.

Bubbling up like champagne bubbles
sweet and tasty, vintage thoughts
drift outside of real life's troubles
free of all the shoulds and oughts

Simple times and pleasant places
ocean smells and soft, sponge turf
rocks with greying granite faces
white boats swaying at the wharf

Bluest blue of deepest brine
deadly tide delivers life
verdant nets of tangled twine
brings simultaneous ease and strife

Bubbling up like champagne bubbles
vintage thoughts, remembered deep
life of insignificant troubles
as I lay me down to sleep.

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Shadow said…
champagne bubbles and vintage thoughts... how beautiful!!!
boatbaby said…
Beautifully written, thank you for sharing!
Mary said…

I have never been to Newfoundland, but would like to. I've heard it's a beautiful province. Your poem is awesome. Thanks for this glimpse into life there.

As for the 24th holiday, it has to be celebrated on the Monday before the 25th. If we had waited until next Monday, the date would have been past the 24th and that is against the Statute.

Hope you enjoy the holiday.
Jinksy said…
That would be my idea of heaven, living there by the water - the picture let me smell the sea!
Suldog said…
That's very nice.

I've only visited Newfoundland once, but enjoyed it immensely.
Ohh! That is lovely, Breeze, quite beautiful. I wonder if I might try a little poetry! Hmm!
I really loved this ~ your pal, Eddie
Unknown said…
beautiful breeze- one of my favourite things in the world xx
Hi Breeze,

You have been tagged for "Honest Scrap Award" at my daughter's blog.....please visit there and take your tag...

♥ Braja said…
Breeze...such a beautiful poem. I found you via Reveda, who has left an award for you today (and me :)...nice to meet you; this was so lovely...