Battered, Not Broken

So what does a very active woman with 3 children at home do when she takes them to the park? She promptly sticks her foot into an animal hole and wrenches her foot. And then, after that she walks quite a distance to the creek and sticks her foot in there for an hour or so, nature's first aid which worked quite well and there was no swelling. Then she walks all the way back. Then she spends the day with her friends and has a great time, drives back home, drops off the family and takes herself off to emergency for 5 hours.

The emergency room is an interesting place on a Saturday summer night. It smells like beer. And the doctors and nurses there are subject to a lot of abuse. Yes, there is a long wait, yes it's late, but that is still no excuse to hurl expletives at anyone, particularly an emergency room with sick little children in it.

Also, to the older woman who was so woozy, might I advise, do not take your sleeping pill and then drive home, because sometimes they kick in before you get there and a serious accident occurs causing others to be injured and you to lose your licence and while I listened patiently to you inside I was thankful that they took your licence away for showing such poor judgement. Yes, I understand, you only lived five minutes away and didn't know it would kick in that fast, but still, very poor judgement, no licence is fair.

Now. Back to me. Five hours in emergency, an X-ray this afternoon and another 4 hours wait and the diagnosis is a torn ligament, damaged tendon, other soft tissue damage and they will let me know for sure tomorrow after the radiologist has a look at the pictures if the bone is broken. I've never had a broken bone and I'm hoping this continues to hold true.

The treatment. No walking on it, I am to have crutches. Relative inactivity which my husband says means I have to get my relatives to do everything for me, and lots of ice and elevation. So far I haven't done any of it.

I have a real problem being sedentary and an even bigger problem asking for help. So am I to think the universe directed me to a gopher hole in order to force me to slow down because I've definitely been on high speed lately. I don't know. But maybe I'll have more time to write. I got some nice pictures of our trip to the park yesterday that I'll share with you once I'm able to descend to the basement where my computer and camera cord is. Meanwhile, send healing vibes my way so my poor battered foot heals in a timely manner.


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Unknown said…
battered broken breezie- oh gosh how awful and how flippin inconvenient.
I have a dread fear of A&E rooms mainly because of the spiritual energies that linger around there..lots of pain.....get better babe !!
Daria said…
Yuk ... crutches ... but as you said, what a great opportunity for more writing.
nollyposh said…
~Healing vibies~ to you! ...We make a great pair at the moment, i too am not allowed to do anything *cough* (after surgery) and my Mum is staying to rule tha roost, errhhhmmmm "help" i mean! sighhhhh... i'll send you healing vibies if you send them to me Lol! (((hugz))) xox
Sara Diana said…
Oh Breeze, sorry about your accident, torn tissue is more painful than a break. Have you tried arnica? Its good stuff (natural too). I dont like A&E at the best of times for the reasons you said. The poor staff. Maybe you are right about fate slowing you down. You sound just like me, I do things on my own dont like asking for help or putting on people and this is the slowest I have lived my life because of cancer - get well soon x
Thanks ladies. I get the crutches today...annoying. I'm missing my daughter's trip today because of it and I'm royally annoyed about that.

Sara..I'm using arnica and I swear I have very little pain when I'm not moving and I think that's why. In fact when we go back to the campsite where my friends were camping they had arnica with them and I applied it right away. It's good stuff!

I didn't take the tincture, I had beer instead lol.

Anonymous said…
Healing thoughts to you Ms Breeze! Oh man - I feel so bad for you. It is not an easy thing to have to rest when active, ask for help when independent. And I can relate to your story of the E.R. I also went on a weekend. Mine was to an inner city hospital. It was sad/frustrating/tragic/annoying all wrapped up in one! I have so much respect for the medical teams that work in those environments - it can't be easy. Take care my dear friend.
Bitsa Lit said…
hi there,
I feel your pain, literally! I did the same thing, though not by animal hole, in march and I am still unable to run or do any strenous activities on it...needless to say, I have become a little bit fat. They didnt give me crutches though and my family and I moved a week after it happened and I had to help out. I strongly recomend not following this path lol!
Hope all goes well for ya.
Wendy said…
You'll get used to the crutches soon enough and it won't be as horrible as it seems now. Humans are adaptable. :) I tore my ankle quite some years ago and it was really horrible, but much better once I got the hang of it. The fun was when I got off crutches and had a cane for a while. I'd wave it at people in a threatening manner if they sassed me. Loved that part. Very amusing. Good luck with your healing. I'm sending some good thoughts your way!