Ask and Let Go

In recent years I've been studying the Tao De Ching. The Tao(pronounced dow) is a collection of 81 verses written by Lao Tzu. The translation of Tao is "The Way".

In spending time studying the Tao I've discovered that there seems to be a great emphasis on not living in want. That things will flow to you if you let go of the attachment of wanting them. This is a little difficult to explain. The Tao is full of paradox and complication but this "letting go" theme runs through out the 81 verses.

In the Law of Attraction literature the general consensus seems to be that we have to make an intention and then focus on that, keep it in our mind and hold that vision fast, not letting go of that thing we want. And if we hold on to that idea, that which we want to attract, it will come to us.

This sounds easy enough but then upon further examination it seems that we're not quite hitting it with this simplistic explanation. Something is missing.

Dr. Wayne Dyer says that we don't attract what we want but that we attract what we are. That we aren't to come to the universe and ask from a place of want and lack or we will attract want and lack.

In his explanation he suggests getting into the emotion of having what you want and staying there, in that feeling, and then moving along in your life with that feeling so that you are aligned with it. He suggests to look for ways to serve the universe while feeling this way to further align yourself with the source that provides all abundance.

So in simple terms, think about what you want, imagine how you would feel if you have what you want, hold on to the feeling and help others in whatever way feels right for you in your life. Random acts of kindness, a cause, some sort of giving all serve this greater purpose.

Of course you must always rembember that you are deserving of that which you desire. Many of us walk around with the idea somewhere that we will never have that which we want, that we attract deprivation because that's what we are entitled to. As an aspect of the source from which you came, you are deserving of all of the abundance of the earth. That you must never forget. Along with all the rest you must have unwavering trust, or as some call it, faith.

As I was reading some literature on this topic it suddenly occurred to me that if we live in the emotion that we have everything we need, that it has been provided, that would ensure we are happy. If we are happy in this emotion and working at helping others as we walk along in our life, then we are not in lack. If you feel happy isn't that all there is to want? So then it is logical that in this peaceful state of being, you will already have everything you have asked for and then you will truly be living in the "let go" phase. It reminds me of the "Let Go and Let God" of the recovery movement.

It's so simple. Make a wish, imagine your wish is fulfilled, stay with that feeling and then let go. Be happy. The universe will provide. Be patient, it comes in its own time and in its own way. Stay in the feeling, stay aligned and all that you need to be happy will be provided. Indeed, it already has been.



Sara Diana said…
That is such a good way to think of life. I believe in Karma, what you give out, you get back so in order to lead a happy life, you need to be kind to others. Hate breeds hate and turns inwards and destroys you whereas kindness and love help you to grow spiritually.
Anonymous said…
I also agree with the "living in the moment" philosophy. I have spoken of this repeatedly, but it bears repeating - most of the people who live in developing countries have nothing. And yet they are happy. They are grateful for each moment that they are given. There is something to be said about appreciating the day, and not longing for material things.'s not Siddhārtha Gautama , it's Lao Tzu.
Chrisy said…
Yes we truly become what we think about...
sunnymama said…
I love how you've explained this and it's given me more to think about. I haven't read anything by Wayne Dyer yet and you've inspired me to find out more, thanks :)
Mary said…

This is a very interesting concept. I too believe that you attract things through your thinking and what goes 'round, comes 'round.

Have a great day.
ghenessa said…
All else will be attracted to you. This is the law of attraction. This is the real secret

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