The Broken Bridge

The voices whisper to the light
into the abyss they will walk
unconcerned about the approaching distance
between the hills and over the bridge
nature desperately seeks to preserve her harmony
and the land still dances with the ocean

But at the edge of the ocean
where the flash of the sailor's light
whirls in manufactured harmony
together lovers and spirits walk
on different planes to the same bridge
unaware of the presence of the distance

It seems the void of distance
presents no challenge to the ocean
her depths merely the bridge
from darkness into ambient light
as the lovers and spirits walk
in ignorant peace and harmony

The violence of the clouds in harmony
with the mountains appearing in the distance
make the lovers quicken their walk
and the spirits escape blithely over the ocean
as the source of the artificial light
shines on another, impostor bridge

and in the ruins they bridge
the catacombs, disrupt the harmony
add the night and extinguish the light
creating an unnatural distance
from the land to the ocean
disabling the lovers and spirits who walk

Then the lovers and spirits walk
silently across the span of a different bridge
beside the dried up ocean
stripped bare and stealing the harmony
leaving nature in the distance
whilst lover and spirit together lose sight of the light

For even the ocean will not live to walk
where there is no true light and a broken bridge
The harmony of man and nature victimized by insurmountable distance


You have a way with your words! Excellent
Anonymous said…
Breeze, you are an amazing poet. I think that you should publish a book of your work.