Tired Dawn

Crimson and gold breaks the dawn
rusted and worn on the earth
tired and wasted on humanity
she resentfully repeats the birth

The unloved and unwanted day
grumbled and whimpered and wasted
no love for the red-sky beginning
the wine of the dawn goes untasted

The people in ego land wander
wanting the things that destroy
more and more they collect things
each day the dawn heaves a sigh

Yet the crimson red sky greets us forever
hoping for a glimpse of a scene
Where people who care for the sunlight
Choose to see her reflection in green

The sun continues to send love
This the earth each day discovers
and the dawn with her scarlet red hope
continues to hope she recovers


Deepanjan Ghosh said…
"the wine of the dawn" - ooooooh!
Deepanjan Ghosh said…
I'll tell you this —
No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn...

Jim Morrison
Anonymous said…
Lovely - the dawn is for sure my favorite time of day!