Suddenly Susan

If you thought it was too late to pursue your dreams, if you've made excuses for not doing what you want to do, if you think it's all passed you by, check out this video.

I wept with emotion about 20 seconds into the song. My 14 year old was in a production of Les Miserables last fall and it's such a wonderful story of triumph over adversity and the victory of love over fear.

Susan Boyle of the UK left cynical Simon Cowell speechless with her rendition of I Dreamed a Dream. She brought tears to my eyes just from the sheer beauty of her voice. Only Bette Midler has ever done that before for me.

Please watch this video and enjoy.


Anonymous said…
I SAW this on television! It is SO amazing and inspiring! Thanks for posting it Breeze!
Isn't it amazing? I'm completely blown away by this and a little irritated by how doubtful the crowd was...I mean seriously what is a brilliant singer supposed to look like?
Anonymous said…
I just saw this video a couple of days ago...I had the same look that Simon did. Incredible talent! and I hope she is rewarded either through the show or somewhere else.
Karen said…
It brings me to tears every time I see it. What an amazing woman she is, and what a lesson she teaches about judging books by their covers! I agree Breeze, I couldn't believe some of the faces people were making! Watching her, I feel inspired to revisit a dream I've always put aside, thinking I could never realize it.
April said…
That was so beautiful and amazing. I don't ever judge a book by the cover, its never been my style. So many people do though! What an inspiration Susan is, going after her dream regardless of any presupposed ideas of age and appearance that get imposed by too many..she just went for it and blew everyone away!
Deepanjan Ghosh said…
WHOA!!! What a voice!!! She totally blew my mind...but someone help me out here...what is the song she's singing?
She is singing I Dreamed a Dream..from Les Miserables
Daria said…
Hi Breeze,

I've watched that video about 4 times now and that lady is inspirational and a breath of fresh air ... and so are you my girl ... you are always there with a positive outlook on life.

Thanks for the well wishes.

Holistic Mommy said…
It's moments like these that make me miss my TV! Wow, that was so refreshing. Thanks!
Wat a lesson! I had even seen someone else's post on this video and remained skeptical. Now that I've watched it, I truly got the message behind this event: don't stop at the exterior.

Thank you for sharing this and for becoming a regular over at my blog.