A Sonnet for Ma Donna Lisa

The first of my challenges comes from Lisa. How interesting that she shares a name with the famous lady! I decided a sonnet since they are fairly easy to write and the topic was so challenging. Enjoy!

Ma Donna Lisa (Mona Lisa)

The Roman Terra holds the footprint of Gioconda,
She pulls gently the wagon full of love and contentment
Sharing her silks with the flotsam and jetsam
that surround the roadway to her appointment

Her voice in awe and bewilderment share with the child
the histories that lie in the countryside
where armies once battled when Rome ruled the world
though it is now the gentle habitat where artists reside

The bearing of nobility strains at her skin
while the heart in her chest beats renaissance
Contentment and peace are her constant companions
her fame and familiarity arrive only by chance

The oft studied face, the smile an enigma?
perhaps just reflects the gentle heart of a mama.


SimplyBillie said…
You have so much talent! It's beautiful! I love the last line. =)
Daria said…
You are talented ... that was fast and it is beautiful.
Debbie said…
I love the way you write!! thanks for the encouregment on my blog!!! you words always touch me!
Cheryl said…
WOW! Thank you Breeze for, once again, giving me cause to reflect
Unknown said…
now that is AMAZING !!! thank you xx