She's a Funny One is Mother Nature!

She's really trying to tick me off but I'm being zen about the whole thing. Seriously, I'm frickin' calm alright! Breathe. Yes. I'm zen, breathe.

It's like when I was 42 weeks pregnant with my third daughter and everybody was freaking out but I was calm and knew that eventually she'd come out! Guess what? She's almost six now. She came out 16 days past my due date but she did come out!

So this snow is a temporary condition. I'm usually optimistic and I pack the winter clothes away at the end of March. I was optimistic this year as well, but the optimism couldn't compete with my laziness and luckily the winter pants and coats were still in the hall closet when I dressed the kids to go out in this winter wonderland.

I think a poem is in order though~A little tribute to Ms. Nature and her silly sense of humour!

Twas the week before Easter
and all through the house
the furnace was running
as quiet as a mouse

because I nearly froze last night
though no stockings were hung
because yesterday it was 15 degrees C
spring officially had sprung

Then this morning I woke
and threw up the sash
and was greeted by snow
and I knew in a flash

Mother nature was giggling
somewhere in the sun
drinking a Margarhita
and enjoying this fun

So I thought Mother Nature
Choke, I mean sip on your drink
I'm gonna be happy
you rotten, mean fink!

So I woke up the kids
with Merry Christmas, wahoo!
It's snowing what fun
Wish we had a skidoo!

And they rushed to the window
and looked at the white
and said did santa come?
and I said, no not last night.

See this is a trick
Someone's being a prankster
this snow in April
it's the work of Ms. nature

But it'll go away
when she eventually gets sober
unless she's drunk
until the end of October

In that case I'll join her
in Margaritaville
cause snow even in April
is pretty much hell.

But snow through the summer
would send me to bedlam
you might as well join 'em
if you can't beat 'em


and a little Jimmy Buffet to set the mood!


Snowbrush said…
"She came out 16 days past my due date but she did come out!"

That's funny. My nurse/wife used to work in the ante-partum unit, the purpose of which was to prevent women from having their babies too early. Most people had never heard of such a unit, and I would just tell them that it was a last ditch effort at birth control. But, as you pointed out, those little suckers do finally see the light of day.
Anonymous said…
Very funny! And I share your sentiment - ENOUGH WITH THE SNOW ALREADY!
April said…
What a great poem, I love it! It gave me a good laugh today
I too am miffed with the snow! I should've stayed down in the Georgia/Florida lands....
Daria said…
I love it!

Sorry I haven't been by your blog for a few days ... I've missed it.
Daria..I"ve missed you but I understand

Samantha said…
I like Jimmy Buffet :) 16 days past your due date? Oh, you poor thing! Hey- send some of that snow over this a way!
skywind said…
Oh, too funny. Life has a lot of funny things for us to dig. LOL
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Lee said…
I liked this one Breeze! Shared it with my best friend who is spending her first year in Vermont. Hope you get the weather you prefer soon.

Colette said…
OMG! That was funny, love it!!
Debbie said…
LOVED it!! what a way to brighten the day!!
Cheryl said…
Just a little snow for short while would be perfect as it is not something that we see living on the East Coast of Australia.
Love the Post Breeze...
Chez...if I hadn't read Australian post sucks(Lisa) I'd send you some but apparantly it'll just come back!
Molly said…
Very clever! This made me chuckle - so snow in my neck of the woods, but it could certainly stand to be a little warmer! Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog! :-)
Anonymous said…
We just had snow in Iowa over the weekend, but I'm sure we have nothing over Canada.