Changing Course~Seeing Good and Opportunity in Disappointment!

Today was a good example of how to turn things around when they aren't quite going as planned. My husband got home yesterday and we share an office. I had planned on working on some blog stuff, some emails and some formatting for my other blog. Suddenly I have no computer, no office, no space because the things he is working on require quiet and even the ticking of my fingers on the keyboard irritates him. So I leave him to it, suddenly things have changed, my plans have changed, and yes, I was annoyed. See he's not a mother and has not had the opportunity to hone his tuneoutability skills as I have! When do I get to work alone without interruption?

But then, I thought, well I have the outline of new book in a notepad so I could work on that. So I did and guess what? I finished a complete chapter of my quite neglected book. It makes me about exactly halfway through the first draft which is wonderful. It's also made me decide this is going to be my focus. I've got to finish this book! I have to finish one book and I have decided this one is it!

In turning things around, being flexible in our thinking and not allowing these little glitches in our plans get us too far down, what often happens something better comes out of the space that is created. Now, suddenly I feel better than I would have if I had worked on the same old thing I've been doing for a while. I will still get those done but I've accomplished something nonetheless. And I'm better off for it.

The next time something knocks you of your course, stop a moment, look for a different way to go, and do it instead of wallowing in the disappointment. You might be surprised at the good that is hidden inside the misfortune. Look at it as an opportunity for growth and to try new things. A positive attitude comes in handiest when applied to difficulties, it's wasted on the easy times, there's no growth to be gained there.

Look to the clouds
when the sun is gone
see the lining of silver
know that the way
has just shifted a bit
likely things just got better

infinite patience brings
immediate results
your heart begins to feel lighter
and the stress of the day
will all fade away
and the new dawn will be even brighter

OK..not bad for 7 minutes computer time! This is just a short post while my husband makes his lunch.

I'm out...


Daria said…
Great post ... adapting to change ... hard for most everyone.

I love the title.
Unknown said…
you are so right about turning negatives into positives- its an art, but one we can all master if we try xx
Joanne said…
Truer words were never spoken. I'm in the midst of a new, unplanned project myself right now, and the inspiration and energy is amazing.
Anonymous said…
Hmmm..this reminds me...a wise woman once told me, "When life hands you lemons...."
Great post, Breeze. And what an amazingly adaptive person you are! I think that I would have muttered and stewed and grumbled. Then I would have gone and had a nap! I like your way MUCH better ;)
Debbie said…
you know its so true..we can get so hung up on one direction that we forget to look around and see if we were actually better off going a different way!!thanks for the name ideas....:)
Something that reminds me of that "What If" session Audrey had been to. Just a small change in the thought process and you are home.....

Great post!

You are a thinking blogger and that is what sets you apart.....Not that you always think; more importantly you write what you think.....
Holistic Mommy said…
I'm going to be without my computer for 3 days this week. I'm starting to shake with fear. Aaaah!!

Although, I do go computerless everyonce in a while and find it quite refreshing. It does give me the opportunity to direct my focus elsewhere. By the end, I find I've adapted quite well and almost don't want it back!
Anonymous said…
Good luck on your book. I came to the same point in my life last year - I have to finish this book! Now I am done and it feels great!