A Poem of Hope

In all the large vast universe
in all the unabashed space
we float along in oblivion
with a frown upon our face

We spin alone in silence
we wonder how to cope
but in all the endless universe
lies a thread of infinite hope

We hang on to the thread
one next to the other
golden threads grow stronger
when woven fast together

And we'll take the woven rope
and toss it out to you
hold fast you know we've got you
we'll gently pull you through

I posted before about my Aunt Christine who recently recieved a cancer diagnosis. Further follow up exams have found it's worse than originally thought. We're still hopeful this will have the most positive outcome long term. The poem above is for her and our family who will pull her through this safe and sound.


Anonymous said…
My thoughts are with your aunt and her family. This disease is so cruel, but it can be beat! My best piece of advice to her is to trust her medical team - they really do have her best interests at heart. She will needs lots of rest and lots of care - meals made, house cleaned, etc. And if people can arrange to take her to treatment, that is extremely helpful!
I am thinking of all of you!
Anonymous said…
Just wanted to let you know that I am here and reading. No comment...just a presence willing to listen.
Daria said…
What a lovely poem ... my thoughts go out to your Aunt Christine.