Poem for A Special Person

Our family has been rocked by an unexpected health diagnosis. My wonderful Aunt Christine, that I and the rest of the family adore, has cancer of the colon. We're understandably shaken but confident she'll be fine in the long run. Her older sister was treated for the same disease twenty-four years ago and has been fine since that time. Her positive outlook and love from her family will get her through and keep her well. She will come out the other side of this episode with the dignity and grace she's always exhibited in everything she's done in her life. I wrote this for her, with all my love and positivity for a speedy and easy recovery.

You're loved my darling far beyond
the norms of family bond
treasured as a precious gem
our special precious one

Your dignity and beauty come second to
the strength that you exude
and challenges will step aside
so victory may come through

We stand with you in unity
you're foremost in our thoughts
we're far and wide and everywhere
and with you in our hearts

Stay strong my love, don't fret too much
let that be ours to bear
we'll buoy you up and keep you up
with endless hope and prayer


Michelle said…
Sending much love and strength to your aunty and your family

Chrisy said…
You've given your treasured aunt (who has a fabulous name I might add!) a wonderful gift with your poem...
Anonymous said…
Breeze, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your much loved aunt at this time. She will need to draw on the strength of her loved ones and I am grateful that she has you as a part of her support network.
Beautiful poem you wrote to honor her.
DeniseinVA said…
What a loving poem for your Aunt. She must be a wonderful lady to be so loved and she is in my thoughts and prayers.
carmilevy said…
I'm praying that she'll be OK. I'm inspired by your remarkable family closeness.
Carmi..my father was the eldest of 12..without exception they are all incredible people as are the spouses they married. All of my cousins..and there are a whole lot of us are also incredibly close and wonderful as well. I also have the same thing(except a family of 7) on my mother's side. We are incredibly blessed and it is indeed remarkable. I am grateful for it every singe day.
Anonymous said…
A very touching poem for a difficult time.
Pearl said…
What a lovely poem. I'm sure she will appreciate knowing how deeply you care.
Beautiful words to express your thoughts and prayers....very powerful indeed and will surely help your aunt....
beautiful poem.She's in my prayers for speedy recovery