A Poem for the Great Mother Earth

She's lush and harsh and beautiful
amazing, large and awesome
Her generosity is endless,
her heart is pure and wholesome

She welcomes us to her gentle arms
is friendly with the skies
and cradles us in her gentle hands
as she sings us lullabies

She's our gentle blue-green mother
The rock of all our lives
though we don't appreciate
the very life she gives

Our mother is now weakened
sick with strange disease
and it's all because we've damaged her
with poison and with greed

Today is mother's day
a day marked in her honour
May every day be mother's day
let's harm our earth no further


Anonymous said…
Amen to that! Beautiful poem, as always, but I am particularly fond of this one. I worry for our dear Mother earth, and I want to see her survive for many,many more millenia. Please people, let's protect her!
Anonymous said…
I really like that skies/lullibies rhyme.
Unknown said…
blessed be- we are all Her children xx
Jinksy said…
Earth Mother Day, then xxx
Beautiful poem and I am pleased to sign up as your follower.
Thank you for your visits to my place.
When you walk into the room you are a breath of fresh air. Eddie
Chrisy said…
oh yes the lullabies she sings!...seems the older I get the more nature I crave / am uplifted by...thanks for sharin your poem...
Liara Covert said…
Love the timeless image of light bursting through. Nature gives life and life nurtures nature. Discovered your blog on Evita'sEvolving Beings blog. Keep well!
Cheryl said…
Love the sentiments Breeze. I feel compelled to make a difference where I can. I am grateful to have the opportunity daily, right here on our little patch of earth.