The Moment

Snapshot by: Miss Sophia Chaffey

It is a beautiful sunny day. What a gift. I know it is coming, I anticipate it all week. I check daily for the weather forecasts, I love seeing the sunny and twenty degree Celsius notifications, winter was long and I'm glad it's finally over.

I don't have big plans, I just get out there. I walk, I read on my backyard swing, I putter, I hang out with the little ones who have a blast playing in the backyard and watching the ducks in the pool.

I read Twilight again, oversee my older daughter as she organised her study notes for a geography test, I walk, pick up a few groceries, the mail, things I do all the time. Mundane things yet in the sunshine they are pleasurable tasks to perform.

In the routine though, as I go through, habitually doing what always do, I experience what I call a snapshot moment. A moment that is etched on your memory for a lifetime, for no other reason than you are gifted with an acute awareness of it.

A five year old wandering around the back yard with a pair of binoculars(she is an unusual child who requested a pair of binoculars and a flashlight from Canadian Tire two Christmases ago, real ones, not toys) and she observes aloud that there are a lot of cattle, excitedly she peers at the ducks in the neighbour's pool and views them close up and then again, tiptoeing up to the robins for a closer look.

Meanwhile the blonde three year old swings higher and higher in her swing, "look at me" she yells as she pumps higher and higher, excited and happy to play in the warmth of the sunlight. She learned to swing last summer while she was still only two so I've seen this picture before as well.

As I peer briefly over the top of my book and I take a moment look at the scene before me suddenly its there. In perfection the scene unfolds, leaving me breathless with wonder and awe. As if it were a scene in an expertly directed movie these two performers masterfully captivate my attention. They are doing mundane children things, playing in the backyard, pretend play, fun play and in this most normal moment it dawns on me suddenly that I am witness to a miracle. That miracle is life.

In a moment of perfect clarity I see divine perfection before me, this scene, perfect children in pretty sundresses, blue sky with beaming rays of sun shining upon them, has been written in a script older than the ages. All moments are so. Standing outside of it all, looking at it as a witness, seeing the life unfold, suddenly reality is magic, life itself is a miracle and indeed I am its deponent, giving testimony on this page.

The opportunity to live, even a boring existence is a miracle. When you take the time to give thought to how truly incredible it is that there are billions of us, living, breathing, fighting, fearing, hating and loving, it's hard not to see it as a miracle. When we think of all of the things that have to go perfectly for two single cells to develop over a very short course of time into a human being, how can you not have reverence for the miracle of life.

Today I witnessed that miracle, the brief snapshot moment that once again connected me to the thread of divinity that runs through each and every one of us. The thread that pulls us together, the light that guides us towards our purpose and our destiny, the source of our existence, that gifts us with, not only the ability to witness a miracle, but to be that miracle as well. These are the moments make me humble and grateful for the magic called life.



Jen said…
beautiful. Isnt it incredible how it is often the most mundane or ordinary sight that takes our breath away.

It is very difficult to put into words and you have managed this exceedingly well.

May you have many more days like this to come.

Debbie said…
beautiful description...... I love those moments... moments that immedaitly ingrain themselves on your heart!!
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful miracle to witness. I always believe that we are most receptive to witnessing miracles when we observe children. For whatever reason, we are willing to acknowledge the truth of what we see. When it comes to witnessing miracles in the adult form, we are often more close minded. Good post Breeze.
Audrey...I think it's because children are just closer to their authentic self and we adults have layered years and years of ego over the top of out true essence. It's always there but it's just hard to see.

Thank you for the comments ladies.

Daria said…
You described it so well, I could imagine it in my mind. How wonderful and calming ... I really enjoyed reading that.
This is an amazing post!

I have a strange habit of observing people. Whenever I used to take a bus to go back to my city from Delhi, I always used to sit at the stand just watching people. So many faces and so many expressions. But then it was the expressions on the face of kids which used to excite me the most- I mean there used to be no fear, all excitement and no tension whatsoever. Compared to that, the seniors are always in some sort of stress...always! Kids are always most close to what God had created. They experience the life as was created by Him. It is we seniors who actually pollute it.

Seeing kid grow is a real treat on moment to moment basis! truly so
Jen said…
Hi Breeze - I tagged you in a meme if you are interested!!

Have a nice day