In the darkest grey dismal mist
that falls on the sodden grass
misery lingers in the silent home
enveloped in dingy splattered glass

Feverish and trapped in a wood cocoon
desperate for sunshine and air
claustrophic and sighing in boredom
the raindrops don't even care

Then a glance through the tear stained panes
past the pond with ripples of rain
is the pale pink blossom of hope
sweet magnolia blooms once again

Short is the life they are given
yet long the imprinted impression
pale velvet discs of pure beauty
a brief life, too short for obsession

Whether long the life that is gifted
likewise a flower to blow in the wind
it's the wake of beauty we leave here
that matters utmost in the end


Anonymous said…
Wow, you are a wonderful poet. I'm honored to have your Halloween poem on my blog. Thanks, and I really enjoyed reading your work.
Anonymous said…
Breeze, this one I really liked. The magnolia is a favorite of mine. Outside of the my living room window in Vancouver I had the most spectacular magnolia tree. I loved when it blossomed bccause of the beauty of it, and because it symbolzed the end of winter! Beautiful poem.
Sara Diana said…
I love magnolias, I planted one in my front garden and your poem has put into words exactly why I love them.

Your poem is a suiting tribute to lives cut short in their prime.